2010 QR Top 100 Products

by bkrigbaum@solagroup.com

The Remodelers’ Choice 100 list for 2010 indicates strong interest in the market for innovative bathroom solutions and products that support energy efficiency. Presented each year, this list is a great resource for remodelers looking for a way to stay abreast of hot products. By keeping up on what’s new in remodeling market, and especially what’s hot, remodelers can remain the expert in this business.

With showers becoming a bigger priority in the master suite, it’s no surprise that shower drainage products make up four of the top 10 spots on The Remodelers’ Choice 100. Peppered throughout the list are also products that help homes become more energy-efficient, including tankless water heaters, insulation and several thermal imagers indicating that your customers are looking to cash-in on rebates and take advantage of longer-term savings.

Yet the range of products on the list is very broad. Featuring the most requested products shown in Qualified Remodeler over the past 12 months, the list offers everything from creative lighting solutions to recycled synthetic roofing.
Products that have also been featured as a Remodelers’ Choice product of the month are designated with a blue ribbon. These are products that not only received many requests for more information in the month in which they were initially published, but also continued to generate enough interest many weeks later.

See the Remodelers’ Choice 100 Products: [1-25], [26-50], [51-75], [76-100]

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