2011 State of the Industry Report

by WOHe

December, 2010 — In surveying readers, it was abundantly clear that updates to UL 325 for commercial operators and the new EPA lead paint regulations added worry and confusion during an already tough period

Dealers report being confused and frustrated by the conflicting or inaccurate information they received from certification class instructors. The bewilderment soon led to alarm as dealers realized they could incur up to $37,500 in fines per violation, and could even rack up jail time. Add to that the responsibility to cover the new costs associated with complying – getting at least one employee certified as a renovator, using proper equipment such as gloves and masks, disposal fees, transportation of hazardous materials, renting or acquiring a HEPA vacuum (including costly filters), special clean-up materials and more – and dealers felt left holding the bag.

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