2017 Master Design Awards: Insurance Restoration

The 39th annual Master Design Awards highlight innovative design solutions that helped to produce exceptional remodeling projects.

authors Kyle Clapham Kacey Larsen | September 20, 2017


Kowalski Construction
Phoenix, Ariz.

Project name: Warehouse Remediation
Project location: Phoenix, Ariz.
Square footage: 111,159
Project cost: $203,577

A monsoon storm blew 3,900 feet of roofing off the warehouse and caused water damage, which led to a microbial infestation. The four-story building, full of merchandise, maximized storage capacity using racking systems, but the racks did not allow enough space for the 40-foot scissor lifts required in the demolition and repair work. Four sections had to be removed to create aisles.

Kowalski Construction

Photos: Kowalski Construction

A site-built wooden platform on top of the existing racks provided a base from which workers could access the ceiling. The erection of containments protected the unaffected areas of the warehouse, and 11 negative air-scrubbers were used during the microbial remediation process. The platform was expanded when closer inspection revealed the infestation covered a larger space than previously known.

Kowalski Construction


Crane Builders
Nashville, Tenn.

Architect: Kaarz, Binkley, Jones & Morris Architects
Project name: Spencer
Project location: Brentwood, Tenn.
Square footage before: 2,728
Square footage after: 3,623
Project cost: $485,000

Carol Edwards

Photos: Carol Edwards

After a devastating fire caused by a heat lamp on a cold January night, the homeowners decided to not simply restore the home, but construct a space that better reflects their personalities and hobbies. Per local codes and the insurance company’s requirements, plans had to be designed to fit the old foundation. A top priority for the homeowners was saving three mature trees and a crepe myrtle located 10 feet from the home.

Carol Edwards

During the rebuild process, the sidewalk was moved away from the home to give more definition and to better accommodate the trees and crepe myrtle. A water well was added to protect the roots of the crepe myrtle, adjacent to the retaining wall. A plan was devised to use real beams—as opposed to the expensive box beams called for in original plans—to create the extra support required to carry the weight of a fireplace, tongue-and-groove ceiling and a 400-pound light fixture. Ultimately, the home took on a lodge-like feel.

Carol Edwards


Venture Construction Group of Florida
Stuart, Fla.

Project name: YMCA of the Treasure Coast
Project location: Stuart, Fla.
Square footage: 107,227
Project cost: $75,000

Venture Construction Group of Florida

Photos: Venture Construction Group of Florida

A hail and wind storm caused severe damage to the roofs of two different facilities operated by the YMCA of the Treasure Coast, which has been battling leaks in its roofs since the mid-1980s. Other contractors had been hired over the years to the fix the problem, but they did not have any success. Insurance payments would cover only a fraction of the cost, leaving a shortage of funds.

Venture Construction Group of Florida

Venture Construction Group of Florida, which was hired to repair and replace the roofs, donated crews and $30,000 in supplies and pulled in supplier MuleHide for an additional $1,200 donation to help offset the costs. Given the scope of the project and the mix of roofing systems involved, Venture brought in a roofing consultant and product representatives to choose the best approach. | QR

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