2018 master design awards insurance restoration


Donald Lococo Architects
Washington, D.C.

Project name:
Trial by Fire
Project location: Washington, D.C.
Project cost: $210,000


A house fire led to the project, which necessitated extensive work on many different areas of the home. Reconfiguring the living spaces with the most damage, such as the foyer, became the first priority. The width of the kitchen posed a problem from a design perspective because the family needed counter area to cook and entertain, but a traditional island was much too big for the space.

To create more counter area in the 6-foot-wide galley kitchen, a light and unconventional solution uses components of two shelving units to blend their chrome finishes with the surface of the surrounding countertop. Changing the layout of the second floor enables an adequate master bedroom, and an addition to the left side of the house includes an ancillary entrance and family room.

Photos: Donald Lococo

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