Buckeye Basements, Inc.
Delaware, Ohio

Project name:
Master Closet
Project location: Blacklick, Ohio
Square footage: 280


An existing bonus room on the second floor of the home consisted of a small kitchenette and one lonely mini fridge. Although the area connected the master bedroom to the master bathroom, the clients saw it as a waste and lamented their lack of closet space. Drab carpet, dark wallpaper and an unappealing, curved surround for a two-sided fireplace gave them little desire to use the room.

The new luxurious master closet features an expertly crafted, custom system with unique, hidden storage components; an ornate island with comfortable seating; and a state-of-the-art, integrated lighting package. The finished project incorporates a beverage center, the two-sided fireplace and a dressing room, and it expanded to include an update of the master bedroom and bathroom.

Products installed

Paint: Sherwin-Williams

Photos: Bradshaw Photography LLC


Legal Eagle Contractors, Co.
Houston, Texas

Project name:
Three-Story Elevator Project
Project location: Houston, Texas
Square footage: 3,265
Project cost: $145,000


An older boomer couple moved into a three-story townhome in Houston, Texas. It was to be their “forever home.” They quickly realized lots of stairs had to be scaled to live in the home, and one of them had a progressive disease.

The company was hired for its aging-in-place renovation expertise to install a three-story Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator so they could easily move about the home. This is a very unique type of elevator that is made of a clear tube, with a clear “cab” inside that rises and lowers by air pressure.

This presented some unique challenges, and the scope of the project increased about $60,000. For example, the top of the elevator ended up landing smack in the middle of the third-floor master bath shower. The company ended up doing a full renovation of all three floors, including the kitchen, bathrooms, wood flooring, windows and doors, fireplaces and interior finishes.

Products installed

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator-37, air-driven, travels up to 21 feet with three landings/openings

Photos: Dan Bawden, Legal Eagle Contractors, Co.


Hanson Carlen Architecture & Construction
Spokane, Wash.

Project name:
Cossette Pergola
Project location: Spokane, Wash.
Square footage: 650
Project cost: $127,000


The new structure was created to replace an existing pergola with design problems. The existing unit was built at roof-eave height, which was no problem in the summertime; however, during the winter, snow and ice accumulated and the build-up would push and stress the pergola.

The company understood that a new structure would need to allow snow and ice movement underneath the pergola. However, if the pergola was too high it would not provide the needed shade during the summer months. After fashioning some models of the sun’s movement in the backyard, a gentle bending structure was settled upon. The owner affectionately calls the pergola the “Starship Enterprise.”

Photos: Jonathan Pece, RocketHorse Photography

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