2019 Outdoor Pictorial Buyers’ Guide: Decking Structural Elements & Fasteners

by Kacey Larsen

 FootingPad by AG-CO aims to replace concrete for under-posts used for deck and pole barns with high-strength composite footers, eliminating wait time. By spreading the load of the structure, these footers are tested and certified at loads up to 9,300 lbs. per post. No special tools or equipment is necessary: dig the hole, place FootingPad in the bottom, place the post and backfill. Visit footingpad.com or call (800) 522-2426 for more information.

Evolution Framing from Fortress Framing is constructed from light-gauge steel yet remains easy to install. Comprised of single beams, joists, ledgers, ledger brackets and beam blocking pieces, its interlocking joist and ledger system pieces the system together easily with fewer fasteners than a wood system and less labor. For use with most deck boards, the system includes a 25-year limited warranty. Visit fortressframing.com or call (844) 909-4999 for more information.

MFM Building Products creates its DeckWrap PowerBond to help extend the life of decking structural components and posts. The self-adhering, waterproofing membrane comes in three sizes for use with treated, untreated and synthetic wood types. Designed to self-seal around common decking fasteners for a waterproof bond, the membrane adheres to joist tops and edges, ledger boards and posts to prevent premature rot and the corrosion of metal components. Visit mfmbp.com or call (800) 882-7663 for more information.

MiTek engineers its Gold Coat Structural Connectors and Fasteners for corrosive environments. Starting with a standard zinc layer over a steel substrate, the company then applies an organic polymer barrier layer, the Gold Coat, as a barrier to reactions that cause corrosion. Specifically designed for outdoor applications and contact with treated wood, find anchors, hangers, framing angles, straps and fasteners with Gold Coat. Visit mitek-us.com or call (800) 325-8075 for more information.

The Simpson Strong-Tie MPBZ is the first post base specifically designed to provide moment resistance for columns or posts. Its overlapping sleeve design encapsulates a post, helping resist rotation around its base, while its standard ZMAX finish meets exposure conditions in many environments. Available for 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 posts, the MPBZ is ideal for outdoor structures like carports, fences, pergolas and decks. Visit strongtie.com/deckcenter or call (800) 999-5099 for more information.

The Trex Elevations steel deck framing system creates a stable and consistently flat substructure on which to build. Composed of 25 percent recycled steel, the triple-coated steel substructure system—comprised of steel beams, joists and tracks—includes a 25-year limited warranty. The system’s neutral finish blends with most decking colors, so it’s less visible from above and pairs well with the Trex RainEscape drainage system. Visit trex.com or call (800) 289-8739 for more information.

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