2019 Outdoor Planning Guide: Project Elements

Rooftops offer remodelers another venue for producing new outdoor living spaces, especially in urban settings.

authors Kyle Clapham | April 17, 2019

The homeowners wanted to develop an outdoor living space that could accommodate friends and family, but also handle their kids running around the area. A deck stretching from the back of the house all the way to the garage enabled them to capture as much space as possible, and its design creates a strong connection between the grilling and dining area on the lower level and a separate lounging space.

The clients originally put their focus on the garage deck but, after further conversation, the firm warmed them up to remodeling the lower level as well. Once they became comfortable with that addition to their project, Chicago Roof Deck + Garden discussed with them the material options and product lifespans.

Photos: Dave Slivinski

Both spaces needed to be cohesive but also have separate functions. The lower deck suits grilling and presents a supplemental area for people to spill out onto when the clients host a party or hang out with family. Its inclusion in the project exceeded their initial budget, so the firm had to convey the benefits clearly.

Photos: Dave Slivinski

A steel substructure, as opposed to wood, will prolong the lifespan of the lower deck and make it more appealing if the clients ever choose to sell the home. The firm proposed a schematic layout for the space, examined the features that were most important to them, and then finalized the materials and finishes.

Photos: Dave Slivinski

The garage roof features a lounging space independent of the grilling and dining area located on the remodeled lower level. Because of its distance from the house, the clients decided not to incorporate any dining on the garage deck. Instead, an ice maker and refrigerator provide some convenience as well as refreshment.

Photos: Dave Slivinski

With neighbors close on either side, the clients identified privacy as another major item on their wish list; therefore, Chicago Roof Deck + Garden introduced metal panels to ease their concern and help balance all of the wood. QR

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