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This month, for the 41st consecutive year, Qualified Remodeler is proud to take the wraps off our list of the 500 largest remodeling and home improvement companies in the United States. This list is so highly anticipated because year-over-year gains and retractions are there for all to see. It is also anticipated because the level of detail is so complete. It is an accurate reflection of the health and vitality of the larger industry. That is why our editorial team puts so much time and energy into producing it. There is truly nothing else like it.

Over the years, we’ve done a lot to improve the list. We are always trying to make it richer and more nuanced.

In 2003, we required applicants to provide third-party verification of their numbers. We did it for two reasons: First, there were companies who “rounded up” their installed volume of remodeling revenue in order to be ranked higher. Second, there were companies who provided ball-park figures such as $2,000,000 or $3,000,000. We want rankings to be based on exact dollar volumes. When you look at the 2019 incarnation of the list, you will find a great deal of precision in the numbers provided, including the job totals.

Remodeling is not just about revenue. It’s also about quality. It’s about profit. It’s about creating a positive brand and reputation that generates repeat clients and a strong flow of referrals. With this in mind, we’ve added qualitative metrics over the years to accompany the revenue rankings.

In the late 1990s, we gave remodelers the opportunity to add their association affiliations as well as their professional certifications. And we began calling them out in the magazine. This information speaks to a company’s commitment to professionalism. This year, we took another big step forward.

As you look at each company listing, you will notice that 132 companies have an extra number. You will see it just below their “year founded.” It is a number supplied by our partner GuildQuality, a leading third-party customer satisfaction survey company. Thousands of contractors of all types use GuildQuality to measure their clients’ level of customer satisfaction. The key question asked by GuildQuality is whether clients are willing to refer their contractor. Over time, the responses form a “recommend rate.” That is the percentage you see listed.

This is not a mark against the other 368 companies on the list. We are simply saying that going forward, we will offer Top 500 companies the opportunity to add this measure to their listing. If you don’t use GuildQuality, that’s OK too. Before the list goes to print, GQ will survey a few past clients to establish a recommend rate. It is purely voluntary. We think adding a recommend rate adds an important dimension to the Top 500 going forward. And it’s a reason why each year the list keeps getting better. QR

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