2021 Outdoor Living Planning Guide: Project Elements

Keith Zars Pools creates a restful yet entertaining outdoor space that includes a negative-edge spa and pool, fire elements and a gazebo waterfall.

authors Kyle Clapham | April 14, 2021

The homeowners desired a modern flow for their outdoor space that exuded elegance as well as functionality and captured the views of their lakeside vacation house. They entertain often and needed an area that felt cozy for two people but could also accommodate larger gatherings comfortably.

Incorporating a negative edge on the spa as well as the pool enables a seamless visual flow from all rooms within the home.

The integration of indoor and outdoor spaces required consistency in design, textiles and color.


The company extended the length of the pool to 42 feet to permit swimming for exercise and the occasional competitive race between family members.

Fire elements illuminate the evenings without distracting from the starry night sky and allow the inviting outdoor space to be used year-round.

A fully equipped outdoor kitchen includes pre-wiring for a mounted TV. Underwater bar stools at the swim-up bar provide seating.

A rain curtain added to the gazebo creates soothing sounds and a sense of privacy for the kitchen area. It also becomes a lovely focal point when seated at the other end of the pool. QR

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