National Award

Hanson Carlen Architecture & Construction                                                               
Spokane, Wash.

Any major changes to the original footprint would require a complete update in order to adhere to their new rules and regulations for governing buildings in downtown Spokane. Hanson Carlen Architecture and Construction knew that if they took this route, it would be over a year before they would even be able to start the project, and it would add thousands of dollars in costs. So, they asked about performing a remodel on the project. They were happy with that; the building previously housed a business called ‘Rent-a- Wreck’ before the team purchased it, and they could see why: The one positive thing was that the foundation was excellent, with concrete footings and stem walls. They wanted to keep the shape like the existing structure, so that it could be approved by the city of Spokane as a remodel. The new roof line does this very well. 

Regional Award

Jaque Bethke Design, LLC.                             
Scottsdale, Ariz

Q: How do you use a building’s historical aesthetic to create a unique, modern vibe? 
A: You seamlessly synthesize a southern spirit with a seafood specialty.

Regional Award

Mannarino Designs                                        
Holmdel, N.J.

The designer was hired to design a birthing center. They created a warm, serene facility with the feel of a luxury boutique hotel and spa, strategically designing cabinetry, pull-outs, and storage to hide all the medical equipment and medical materials while making them easily accessible and usable. Wall-mounted waterfall, fireplace and oversized organic tubs are just a few of the features included in this facility that includes two birthing suites; a treatment room; a kitchen/ family room; nurse and midwives office; administrators office; an exam room; and a night-time midwife’s rest room.

Regional Award

DMG Design+Build                                         
Metairie, La.

The immaculately curated aesthetic at Pizza Dominica in New Orleans creates an air of elegance and fervor, offering their customers a timeless yet rich dining environment. From the beautifully patterned, ornate ceiling-scapes to the inspired wood and marble bar, or even the 16,000-pound gas and wood-burning fireplace, Pizza Dominica takes a timeless approach to form and functionality. The updated dining room area features a floating hostess stand, a reclaimed wood-wrapped partition wall, server stations with expansive shelving, and a fully equipped open-style pizza kitchen.

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