National Award

Donatelli Builders, Inc.
Downers Grove, Ill.

After a redesign, the overall layout of the house now makes sense with distinct work zones and a place for family and friends to gather. The windows were replaced, enlarged and specified in black to create a focal point and add a connection to the beautiful backyard. The knee wall under the window wall was removed, so the new windows sit directly on the countertops. Finishes were kept neutral, incorporating elements of interest with the blue cabinets, walnut shelves, brass cabinet hardware and light fixtures.

Regional Award

Masters Touch Design Build
Holliston, Mass.

What was once a dark, dysfunctional space is now a bright, expansive kitchen that bursts with style and personality. All selections including the mixed metals, varied wood tones, and dual cabinet and countertop finishes were carefully selected to honor both the age of the house and the clients’ rustic yet traditional design sensibility. The clients absolutely love their new space, and they love showing it off to friends and family.

Regional Award

Euro Design Build Remodeling
Richardson, Texas

The team achieved the client’s objectives by first improving the layout and adding meaningful storage in critical locations, increasing usable working surfaces and incorporating state of the art luxury custom cabinetry and appliances that would add value to the family’s lifestyle and health goals.They improved the overall function and aesthetics beginning with quality cabinetry, clean modern design with needed storage and organizational systems. The final goal was to improve circulation between the kitchen and family room, where the family spends most of its time to create memories.

Regional Award

Nip Tuck Remodeling 
Monroe, Wash.

The driving force behind this remodel was to enable a better connection to the outdoor entertaining area. These clients absolutely loved the space they had previously created outdoors and wanted to feel an open connection to it.

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