2022 Master Design Awards: Bathroom $50,000-$75,000 — SILVER

by Emily Blackburn

TEW Design Studio

Raleigh, NC

Location: Chapel Hill, NC | Project Cost: $62,000
Square Footage before: 135 | Square Footage after: 245

The primary bathroom in this Chapel Hill residence was very outdated and lacked functionality. The home was built in 1993 and the homeowners were tired of existing in a space that didn’t meet their needs. The bathroom had to be reconfigured to bring it into this century. It featured a small, corner stand-up shower and bulky, outdated bathtub. Dated cabinetry and flooring were no longer tolerable for the homeowners and the space needed an overhaul to meet their desire for more functional and energizing space

The bathroom had to be reconfigured because its features were not meeting the homeowners lifestyle needs. One major issue was the small, corner stand-up shower with low-end materials. It was closed off, dark and cramped. It coexisted with a bulky, outdated bathtub that took up way too much space in the floorplan for its lack of use. Dated cabinetry and flooring were no longer tolerable for the homeowners. The space needed to be reconfigured to meet the homeowners needs for more functional and energizing space. Space from a small studio home office was repurposed to create room for a more expansive primary bathroom.


Cabinets: Locally made-Arborite Laminate-Tatami Kori
Counters: White Carrara Marble
Wall tile: Iceberg Marble
Accent tile: Rollin’ Stone Marble mosaic
Floor tile:  Iceberg Marble

Faucet: Hansgrohe 
Lights: Vanity Pebble Pendant
Chandelier at entry: Fluffy Chandelier 
Chandelier over tub: Talia 
Shower hardware: All Hansgrohe

Drain: Ebbe drain
Mirrors: Locally made, framed in White Carrara Marble
Tub: Barclay
Tub Filler: Barclay
Toilet: TOTO

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