2023 Master Design Awards: Bathroom Less Than $50,000 — BRONZE

by Emily Blackburn

Corinthian Fine Homes

Indianapolis, Ind.

The renovation team saw an opportunity to renovate two old and dated bathrooms while designing a mudroom and laundry room for their clients. The clients were embarrassed to let friends use the only “guest” bathroom on their large first floor and had always wanted to remodel it. They wanted a sophisticated bathroom with attention to details and “not to be used by any kids.” The renovation team stayed within the original footprint of the bathroom, enabling them to use the bulk of the budget on the selection of finishes.

The bathroom was gutted with a fresh slate to design from. During the process, they found a tile that the clients fell in love with and chose to design the entire bathroom around it. During the remodel process, the clients added a change order to add wainscot to the walls.

They faced several challenges during the renovation process. The first challenge was during the design phase, which involved the couple working together to merge their design styles to select their ultimate design and finishes. With much handholding and at times what felt like marriage counseling, the renovation team was able to move forward with design selections.

The second challenge involved the layout of the room. The clients are not fans of symmetrical design, so the renovation company worked hard on an asymmetrical layout of the sink, light, mirror, and tile. The tile the clients chose could be installed in multiple design options, but they wanted it to “be like a sunburst.” They wanted the center of the sunburst to start behind the mirror, and because the mirror was offset and not centered on the wall, it was a challenge. The renovation company did multiple renderings for them for visualization purposes. This also helped with the exact placement of the vanity, pendant light, toilet, sink, and wainscot. Once the final sketch was approved by the homeowner, the renovation company had to work with the tile setter to ensure that the “center of the sunburst” would, in fact, come from “the exact center of the back of the mirror.” Because the mirror was not centered on the sink but on the wall, each tile was painstakingly placed for precise tile line alignment and double-checked by the homeowner, designer, and tile setter. The completed remodel was a total transformation of the space.

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