2022 Master Design Awards: Bathroom Less Than $50,000 — GOLD

by Kyle Clapham

Jaque Bethke Design, LLC

Scottsdale, Ariz. | jaque.design

Location: Minnetonka, Minn. | Square footage: 63 | Project cost: $32,000

The main design challenge was editing the client’s enormous collection of gears and gadgets to create an appropriate display and engineering the electrical through all the piping and exiting with sockets as it was being built. The execution was challenging because so many trades were involved in making it operable and not missing any details down to the LED and toilet paper holders.

Mapping out the powder bath to include his giant collection of gears, valves and phones was done by tracing the piping and creating spaces for each of his carefully collected items. The electrical circuiting was done in a manner to have the wiring runs separated and terminated at different points in the wall and ceiling planes. The wall finish is meant to look like metal panels.


Lee sink
Kohler toilet
Kingston faucet
Chemetal cabinetry
Custom piping

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