2022 Master Design Awards: Bathroom Less Than $50,000

by Emily Blackburn

Jaque Bethke Design, LLC

Scottsdale, Az. | jaque.design

Square Footage: 50 | Project Cost: $29,000

This 80’s powder room was still functional, but had lost its “swag.” This homeowner recognized that simply swapping out fixtures would not be enough to update this room to match the contemporary flavor of the rest of the freshly remodeled main level. To update this 50 square foot space in the owner’s preferred aesthetic, the team designed the space to convey the client’s love of art and to celebrate the women of the home.

This powder room resides on the home’s main floor, and so serves as the main restroom for visitors. Its clean features and dramatic lighting add a feeling of grandeur to this small space. Harvesting marble from an adjacent room we were able to keep the flooring contiguous with the other adjoining spaces which was very important to the client. With the graphic design team they created a large graphic that celebrated the women in the home and added light to the space with LED panels installed behind the graphic through a printing process used primarily in commercial applications. The material is durable and can be cleaned easily. Coordinating all of the contractors was critical to the outcome so they spent a lot of time on education and getting the contractors to collaborate with us to achieve the end result. Creating this complex lighting plan of back-lighting as well as general and ambient lighting together, create a playful interaction of light that enhances the reflective quality of the floor, the pedestal sink and faucet. The result is a powerfully dramatic powder room gem that is now a focal point of this home’s main level.


Artistic Tile
Luma Film

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