2022 Master Design Awards: Exterior Facelift — SILVER

by Emily Blackburn

Honey-Do-Men Home Remodeling and Repair 

Carmel Hamlet, NY 

Location: Somers, NY | Project Cost: $75,703
Square Footage before: 6,820 | Square Footage after: 7,049

Due to the fact that the homeowner wanted a complete exterior transformation, the scope for this project was vast, as it entailed a multitude of components. The overall objective was to not only create a more contemporary look and feel to the home, but to maximize functionality of all new elements with optimal curb appeal. 

Planning for the project began in December of 2021, to begin work in spring, due to the weather of New York in winter. Many materials had to be special ordered, especially due to supply chain issues. Once the project actually started, they also found that the garage support frames were rotted though, the existing header was undersized and sagging, and damp weather created delays in drying time, as well as some of the special order materials not arriving. The team had to stay in constant communication with the homeowners to express their challenges, and keep them in the loop; this was especially important when some materials did not arrive, though their detailed roadmap allowed them to adapt and change. 


Roofing: Architectural Shingles
Siding: Mastic, Ovation Everest

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