2022 Master Design Awards: Light Commercial — BRONZE

by Emily Blackburn

Jaque Bethke Design, LLC

Scottsdale, Ariz. | Jaque.design

Location: Scottsdale, Az. | Square Footage: 3,500 | Project Cost: $580,000

Designing a clinical environment that complements and honors the tailored experience that each customer expects from the space does not have to feel “clinical.” The space was previously used as a wealth management firm and was reimagined to be an aesthetics clinic that provided luxury, non-invasive, whole-body medical treatments.

Lotus leaves are subtly incorporated throughout, including in the shape of the corridors themselves. A retail area encourages browsing while patients wait. Business offices enable discrete appointment scheduling. And a private door allows patients to enter the facility and go directly to their treatment rooms. Extreme attention to detail went into every color and shape carefully building customized amenities and ceiling treatments. The entire construction team went out of its way to respect the tasks being performed in each room while also making each occupant feel like royalty. The key to the process was collaborating at the outset with all the professions involved, including the branding and marketing teams.



Wall & Deco
Lab Designs

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