2022 Master Design Awards: Light Commercial — GOLD

by Kyle Clapham

Mannarino Designs, Inc.

Holmdel, N.J. | mannarinodesigns.com

Designer: Anna Maria Mannarino | Location: Lakewood, N.J. | Square footage: 2,850

Hired to design a birthing center, the designer had a directive that laid out a very specific color palette and a warm and serene space with the feel of a luxury boutique hotel or spa—and not a medical facility. The facility needed two birthing suites; a treatment room; kitchen/family room; nurse/midwives office; administrators office; exam room; and a nighttime midwife’s restroom.

The designer first determined what was necessary to cover the medical aspects of the facility and then took care to be sure it had a place behind cabinets, pullouts and closets for easy accessibility and ease of use. To minimize noise in the birthing rooms, the designer brought in an acoustician to determine the best plan and products to be incorporated in the design and construction process.

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