2022 Master Design Awards: Light Commercial — HONORABLE MENTION

by Emily Blackburn

Jaque Bethke Design, LLC

Scottsdale, Ariz. | Jaque.design

Location: Stillwater, Minn. | Square Footage: 1,400 | Project Cost: $275,000

The historical building’s 24’ x 85’ footprint created a significant seating design challenge, as did the fact that the original bar’s location couldn’t be moved. The design team turned these limitations into assets using the long walls for soft banquette seating, adjusting the tables to seat 2 or 12, and retaining the historical bar’s woodwork to help tell the story of whiskey. The largest expense was creating a new kitchen at the rear of the restaurant that could still be viewed by customers. For oyster fanatics, they placed a fresh oyster bar around the perimeter. Because the team was as concerned with a restaurant’s practical elements as with its aesthetics, they used the building’s rear alley to provide natural light, house a fresh herb box and provide convenient access for deliveries.

For the pearl on top, a brilliant way to use the building’s second floor was conceived. They preserved the century-old second bar, created another dining space with 64 additional seats for weekend rushes, and placed a soft seating area in the middle for patrons who just wanted to enjoy a cocktail and some conversation. The entire area could then be rented out as the perfect private space for weddings and other special events.


Nuevo Lighting


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