2022 Master Design Awards: Outdoor Living — BRONZE

by Emily Blackburn

Rodwin Architecture

Boulder, Colo.

Location: Broomfield, Colo. | Square Footage: 11,858 | Project Cost: $900,000 | Landscaping: Environmental Designs Inc.

The clients recently purchased their dream home on an expansive lot in the Denver suburbs. They were looking to renovate their outdoor living space. The objective was three-fold; to expand upon the outdoor space for four-season usability and entertaining, to create beautiful, landscaped views, and to install places for their children to learn and play. It was all in full sun and could get quite hot in the summer. They also wanted a more usable patio area outside of their living room and off the front entrance. Another one of the objectives was to enhance the landscaping that was already there. A large play set with swings, trampoline and nature play were a must. They also wanted to expand the sod area in the backyard for lawn games.

The site was relatively flat with little-to-no slope away from the house and the entire back yard drained to the front yard. To complicate matters, the ground water table was extremely high. There were multiple sump pumps that ran almost constantly to keep water out of the basement. An engineer was hired to design an underground drainage system capable of handling the frequent Colorado summer monsoons plus the high-water table. To direct water away from the house, and the newly remodeled basement, a series of French drains and large PVC pipes were installed. These drains carry the water from the roof and sump pumps around the house and out to a culvert along the street. Catch basins to catch any excess surface water were also installed in the stone patios and in key locations around the property. 

Another challenge, also associated with water, was irrigation. Colorado is extremely dry most of the year, with sporadic downpours and clay soils that further complicates watering. To maintain adequate soil moisture levels, a smart controller was installed. It automatically adjusts watering based on the forecast and actual monitored weather. Individual zones can be turned on and off from one’s phone. 

Lastly, keeping cool during summer afternoons was a problem. The space became almost unusable on the average summer afternoon. To combat this the architects designed solar-roofed cabanas placed around the pool. They installed a commercial grade misting system around the cabanas and over the outdoor kitchen/dining patios.


Bathroom Tile: Anne Sacks
Bathroom Cabinetry: The Artisan Shop
Sink: Kallista
Faucet: Kallista
Showerhead: Speakman

Soaking Tub: MTI
Toilet: Kohler
Paint: Benjamin Moore
Range: Jenn-Air
Hood: Wolf
Dishwasher: Miele

Refrigerator: Subzero
Wine Fridge: Subzero
Faucets: California
Sink: Kohler
Built-In Cabinets: The Artisan Shop
Mudroom Faucet: Hansgrohe

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