2022 Master Design Awards: Outdoor Living — SILVER

by Emily Blackburn

Grande Custom Builders 

Charlotte, N.C.

Location: Charlotte, N.C. | Project Cost: 1,200,000
Square Footage before:  3,500 | Square Footage after: 4,763

The client and team wanted to keep the charm of the 100-year-old house, but wanted to make the necessary updates to accommodate a modern family and lifestyle. This included opening the kitchen and adding a large family room, adding a scullery and mudroom off the side of the house, adding a large slider off the back of the house for indoor/house lifestyle, and adding a full basement with additional bedroom. They also wanted to keep the wood floors, repurpose materials whenever possible, and keep some of the smaller, cozier rooms for interest. 

Some of the challenges the team faced included the floors dipping 1½” from one side of the house to the other, and everything needed to be leveled. There were multiple areas of wood rot around the foundation, and all wiring and plumbing needed to be replaced. Sinks that they planned to reuse had to be tossed at the eleventh hour because the pipes were so corroded. In general, the house was in worse shape than anticipated, and everything needed to be fixed.   


Windows: Sierra Pacific

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