2022 Master Design Awards: Residential Interior Less Than $100,000 — GOLD

by Kyle Clapham

Platt Builders

Groton, Mass. | plattbuilders.com

Sage Conti Design

Concord, Mass. | sagecontidesign.com

Location: Carlisle, Mass.

An inefficient pantry suffered from heavy, dark and unwieldy floor-to-ceiling cabinetry—as well as minimal countertop space—and acted more as a drop zone than pantry. The team squared off the room and added a larger window along with new plumbing, custom cabinetry and exquisite finishes. While driven by kitchen needs, the area benefitted from the layout change just as much.

The client needed more efficient storage and liked the idea of having a dedicated baking area, so the pantry now houses double ovens and a pastry roll-out countertop. The cabinetry, walls, and ceiling are all painted a custom color—a soothing blue inspired by the center-cut, aqua-veined White Rhino Marble countertop. The Mother of Pearl backsplash helps make the room sparkle.


Platt Cabinetry
Shaw’s of Darwen UK sink
Waterworks hardware
Marvin window

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