2022 Master Design Awards: Residential Specialty — BRONZE

by Emily Blackburn

Donald Lococo Architects

Washington, DC | donaldlococoarchitects.com

Location: Arlington, Va. | Project Cost: $69,000
Square Footage before: 0 | Square Footage after: 95.6

Masked behind layers of wallboard and blocking, a cellar was demolished to make way for stairs that would descend through what was expected to be traditional framing. Instead, a solid cast-in-place slab, thicker than the walls of most car garages, was discovered. Its location, situated at the end of the home and surrounded by concrete on all sides, suggested it was likely a shelter either during or in the wake of World War II. In response to the discovery, the design changed.


Doors: River Glass
Tile: Architectural Ceramics
Lockset and Hardware: ILCO
Floating Wine Wall: Vintage View      

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