Trend information is frequently based on feel. Drawing on experience and gathering the best available data, an expert or group of experts uses intuition to render an opinion. This list of 100 products is the opposite of a gut check; it is based solely on numbers. 

Using tabulations from Google Analytics’ tallies of website traffic on, the editors of this magazine are able to determine with a great degree of precision the number of pageviews each product generated over the past year. And while no one is drawing on experience or expertise to generate this annual list, certain trends emerge. 

During a period of time when remodelers have been managing very strong demand for services, product shortages have presented big challenges. To meet this demand, many suppliers in 2021 focused their product offerings on the most popular styles and finishes. Variety, to some degree, went out the window. Look carefully at the 2022 Remodelers Choice 100, and you will see many new products and companies whose offerings rose to the top based in many cases on their uniqueness. They offer variety in a market being pushed to standard features, colors, shapes and sizes.

While the Remodelers Choice 100 is based on your interest level in products as expressed through website pageviews, it is not presented in rank order. They are alphabetized based on the name of their manufacturer or supplier. We do this to control for factors like the amount of time a product has been posted on the site.

Congratulations to all the companies who broke through with new products in 2021 to generate a high level of engagement with remodelers. Remodelers, please use this as a resource to find solutions you may have missed last year. They have been vetted by your peers.  

Gas water heater
The A.O. Smith Cyclone XL commercial gas water heater operates at 1 million BTU/hr with an additional 750,000 BTU/hr model available. Its ability to adjust the firing rate to meet demand increases efficiency and savings. Cyclone XL has a dual stainless-steel heat exchange system, providing a two-step heat transfer process that delivers 97 percent thermal efficiency.

Lighting collections
Allegri Crystal by Kalco Lighting combines clean lines with classic vintage in its Capuccio and Livelli collections. Unexpected cobblestone-shaped crystal, stainless steel and matte black—plus chrome—finishes define Capuccio while radiant, gemstone-like Firenze crystals hang from an octagonal tiered frame to form the classically inspired Livelli.

Black vinyl soffit
Alside launches the color black for its Charter Oak and DS Punched Vinyl Soffit lines, both of which are low-maintenance options for porch ceilings, overhangs and focal points. Charter Oak features the TriBeam System, providing unsurpassed panel rigidity and superior wind resistance. It spans uneven surfaces while resisting sagging over long runs.

Continuous insulation
Atlas Roofing Corporation presents EnergyShield, a continuous wall insulation that improves moisture control and energy efficiency. The product is NFPA 286 compliant, meaning it can be left exposed on the interior of the building without needing to be covered with a code-approved thermal barrier such as ½-inch gypsum. EnergyShield provides an R-value of 6.5 per inch.

Structural sheathing
Barricade Building Products introduces Barricade Thermo-Brace S.I.B., a 4-in-1 reversible structural insulative sheathing. Thermo-Brace S.I.B. has an additional energy-efficient insulative barrier comprised of BASF Neopor GPS insulative foam. The outside weather-resistant barrier layers prevent water, moisture vapor and mold, eliminating the need for more outside protection.

Porcelain pavers
Belgard Porcelain Pavers produce a modern aesthetic and are resistant to frost, skids and stains, plus they are easy to clean. Available in various interpretations of stone and wood—and in multiple sizes that include planks and large modular shapes—the new porcelain pavers create outdoor spaces ranging from patios and pool decks to driveways and walkways.

Fresh-air system
Broan-NuTone turns its classic fresh-air ventilation line into a single and versatile platform: the AI Series. The ultra-compact universal platform fits everywhere and performs a complex part of installation. Inside the AI Series is VIRTUO Air Technology, which analyzes and communicates the maximum achievable air flow for both exhaust and supply flows through an LCD screen.

Spotlight collection
Buster + Punch launches the EXHAUST Collection, a range of trailblazing spotlights inspired by motorbike exhausts and designed to elevate functional task lighting. Each spotlight is fitted with a beautifully machined, solid metal baffle that captures light and creates a delicate metallic glow while also emitting a precise, non-glare, directional spotlight.

Neutral-color surfaces
Caesarstone debuts the Whitelight Collection, a series of new, light-color neutrals designed for interiors that inspire wellness and serenity. The array of lighter neutral colors captures the movement and drama of natural stone. The collection has three new designs: the sandy tones of Adamina; the dynamic veining of Arabetto; and the timelessness of classic Aterra Blanca.

Quartz surface designs
Cambria unveils four designs to bring the total to 12 new designs and one finish, Leabridge in Satin Ridge, in 2021. Defined by dynamic earth tones, rich burgundies and sophisticated grays, the designs—Notting Hill, Cashel, Hermitage and Clare—demonstrate the enduring beauty that newfound energy can create. All four are available in Cambria Matte and high-gloss finishes.

Metal framing clip
Camo adds a clip for metal framing, CAMO EDGEXMETAL, which can fasten any grooved deck board on a metal substructure. EDGEXMETAL Clips are one-pass fasteners that use the same technology as CAMO EDGEX Clips for wood framing. The wings of the clip fit into the groove of the board, and the 304 stainless steel gusset holds the boards down.

Flooring additions
Carlisle Wide Plank Floors unveils four distinctive, nature-inspired additions to its full-time offering. The floors represent the most common requests from designer and consumer clients. Inspired by the natural world, the additions include Forest Path (Traditional Collection); Ocean Sand (Casual Collection); Snow Drift (Retreat Collection); and Winter Light (Casual Collection).

Architectural shingle
CertainTeed announces its NorthGate architectural shingle is now available with ClimateFlex technology. NorthGate ClimateFlex is engineered for increased pliability on a molecular level, allowing for efficient, all-weather installations while providing outstanding hail resistance. NorthGate ClimateFlex also includes QuadraBond, StreakFighter and NailTrak technologies.

Impact-resistant glass
Cornerstone Building Brands announces the Missile C impact-resistant certification for its Simonton Reflections 5500 line. Reflections 5500 windows and patio doors with SafePoint impact-resistant laminated glass deliver Missile C level certification for homes in inland coastal areas where Missile D certification is not required, and wind speed is less than 140 mph.

Monochromatic colors
Cultured Stone debuts two color palettes for its Country Ledgestone profile: Gunnison and Wheaton. On the darker side of the spectrum, Gunnison reveals hues of brooding charcoal and gunmetal punctuated by highlights of powdery light gray. Wheaton anchors the lighter side of the spectrum with a mix of tawny silvers and neutral grays for a brighter balance of color tones.

Porcelain surfaces
Daltile launches Sapphire Status, a bold, deep, energizing blue design, for its chic Couture Collection. A part of the Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces extra-large slab program, the designer Couture line includes special-order and stocked products that feature fierce style. With striking patterns and unlimited artistry, the collection features decorative, large-scale porcelain slabs.

Outdoor cabinets
Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens with Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens and Trex Outdoor Kitchens announces a new cabinet door style: Venice. Featuring a flat frame with ¾-inch reveal and a solid center, it allows for a single-color powder-coated finish or bold color combinations with the potential to use two contrasting hues or a combination of stainless and powder coated.

Hybrid sealants
DAP combines the best attributes from traditional silicone and polyurethane technologies in its AMP advanced hybrid sealants. With superior weatherability and durability, they can be used in extreme temperatures and prevent mold and mildew growth. Developed for exterior applications and interior applications, the AMP line delivers a 100 percent weatherproof and waterproof seal.

Ultra-compact surface
Dekton by Cosentino unveils its Dekton Stonika Collection with six hues that draw inspiration from coveted natural stone materials. The ultra-compact architectural surface delivers resistance to thermal shock, impact, UV rays, scratches and stains. The new Dekton Srtonika Collection includes the colors Olimpo, Bergen, Arga, Taga, Sogne and Korso.

Hardware options
Delaney Hardware adds seven fashion-forward styles and finishes to its portfolio of luxurious hardware. From contemporary to farmhouse, they include design styles in a matte black finish and satin brass finish; Digital Lock with Logan Lever; Contemporary Square Pocket Locks; Barndoor 12” Round Pull combo; Interconnected Deadbolt with Vida Lever; and Tulina Lever.

Workstation sinks
Delta Faucet launches three workstation sink collections, the first sink offering in the brand’s nearly 70-year history. The workstation sinks are designed with a ledge that supports included accessories such as cutting boards and roll-up dish-drying racks, allowing users to utilize the space over the sink for completing daily kitchen tasks.

Coastal gray tone
Derby Building Products unveils a new color, Atlantica, to its Beach House Shake product line. The soft, silvered coastal gray tone is reminiscent of the cottages found in a quaint New England village and is the fourth color in the Beach House Shake line. Other colors include Sandcastle, a natural white cedar; Hatteras, a deep, rich weathered gray; and Pacifica, a western red cedar.

Reciprocating blades
Diablo Tools debuts its new range of Steel Demon AMPED reciprocating saw blades for thick metals ranging in thickness from 3/16 to 9/16 inches. The blades offer world-class technology, Titanium Cobalt (TiCo) Hi-Density Carbide and Black I.C.E. coating to deliver maximum efficiency, a longer cutting life and versatility in thick-metal demolition and cutting applications.

Cabinet colors
Dura Supreme Cabinetry announces its Curated Color Collection of painted finishes designed to help designers and homeowners select from a curated set of the top trending colors. The six colors released include Gale Force (SW 7605, shown), Cyberspace (SW 7076), Software (SW 7074), Rock Bottom (SW 7062), Silver Strand (SW 7057) and Cast Iron (SW 6202).

Super-slim drain
Easy Sanitary Solutions revolutionizes drain installations with its new Super Slim design Xs Series Shower Drain. The Xs is a small linear drain made with German quality engineering and an exclusive Dutch design. The Xs combines state-of-the-art technology with a super-slim design for a minimalist aesthetic. The Xs Series is available in lengths of 19¾ inches and 47¼ inches.

Cabinet doors
Elias Woodwork launches Precision Series doors and drawer fronts, a new line of slim frame shaker doors whose narrow frames are fixed to a ¾-inch panel. They can be customized in size, species and finishing options. Precision Series doors take a streamlined modern style to another level with an innovative approach by simply adding a thin frame to a veneer panel.

Decking collection
Envision Building Products expands its Ridge Premium collection with a 20-foot length square edge and new 16- and 20-foot grooved edge boards. Crafted using proprietary Compress Technology, Ridge Premium’s high-density cap and EverGrain Core are physically bonded together with tremendous heat and pressure to squeeze out air pockets and create a deep grain.

Filtration system
Fantech expands its line of HERO residential filtration with the addition of the HS300 whole-house HEPA filtration unit. The HERO HS300 provides full-spectrum air cleaning by removing 99.97 percent of particles of 0.3 microns and larger from the air circulating within the home. It offers two-stage filtration—a pre-filter with carbon and a HEPA filter.

Solid surfacing
Formica launches Everform Solid Surface by Formica Group, a curated collection of acrylic solid-surfacing designs to meet new demands from architects and designers. Previously known as Formica Solid Surfacing, the 38-pattern collection incorporates eight new modern, minimalist designs in subtle patterns and monochromatic tones for broad commercial and residential use.

Exterior cladding
Fortress Building Products debuts its newest product category, cladding, which transcends the limitations of wood by pairing its warm, timeless beauty with the heralded strength of composite and PVC. Design pros can select from co-extruded bamboo-plastic composite Infinity cladding boards and capped bamboo-plastic PVC Apex cladding boards with non-repeating grain patterns.

Roofing shingles

GAF announces the launch of Timberline HDZ shingles, powered by innovative LayerLock technology. LayerLock technology mechanically fuses the common bond in Timberline HDZ shingles to offer up to 99.9 percent nailing accuracy; up to 30 percent faster nail-fastening; and dual-phase shingle-to-shingle seal with Dura Grip sealant and StrikeZone nailing area.

Self-adhering flashing

GCP Vycor PRO flashing seals around fasteners, forms watertight laps and is easily worked into tight details due to its pliable membrane. The self-adhered flashing provides protection against water infiltration in nonroof detail areas. It is composed of a durable, tear- and puncture-resistant engineered polypropylene backing film paired with a non-asphaltic, butyl-modified adhesive.

Smart laundry
GE Profile brings laundry to life with its portfolio of smart laundry machines that includes the first-ever washer with Alexa built-in. The GE Profile laundry lineup incorporates the Top Load 600, 700 and 900 series, as well as the Front Load 950. The new GE Profile Top Load 900 Series lets users check the weather and set clean cycles to specific instructions with a simple command.

Decking drainage
Green Bay Decking LLC eliminates the need for a secondary drainage system to create a dry space below decks with Duxxbak no-drip-through-decking. Duxxbak is simply decking and drainage in one. Made using a patented compound that contains no wood and no PVC, DuxxBak is now available in five variegated capped colors, in addition to six brushed colors.

Multi-spray showerhead
Grohe introduces the Grohe Rainshower 310 SmartConnect showerhead equipped with wireless remote control. The sleek, smart digital duo allows the user to easily switch between two spray functions, or a combination of both sprays, with push-button ease. The push-button remote eliminates the inconvenience of reaching high up to the shower head to change the spray.

Cabinet pulls
Hardware Resources expands the Hadly Collection by Elements to include more lengths and finishes. Two extended pull center-to-center lengths in 5 1/16 and 6 5/16 inches and three new finishes (Matte Black, Brushed Gold and Satin Bronze) round out the collection. The additions join existing pull center-to-center lengths of 3 and 3 ¾ inches as well as four classic finishes.

Structural panels
Huber Engineered Woods introduces a brand to join AdvanTech subfloor assembly and ZIP System building enclosure products with EXACOR Magnesium-Oxide (MgO) panels. The MgO structural panels offer fire resistance and acoustical performance in multifamily and light commercial flooring assemblies. The panels can be installed by existing framing crews.

Paving sealer
ICP Building Solutions Group announces Stain-Proof Paver Enhancing Sealer, a formulation that delivers color enhancement and long-lasting protection for a wide variety of concrete pavers, cement tiles, terrazzo floors and concrete surfaces. Paver Enhancing Sealer offers both rich color enhancement and water and liquid protection via a patented combination of silicone technology.

Performance shingles
IKO introduces its Nordic performance shingle line in nine high-definition colors. Specially constructed with a combination of wind- and impact-resistant features, the heavy-duty laminated architectural shingles also feature the company’s ArmourZone 1 ¼-in. wide, reinforced nailing surface and Fastlock sealant strips that create a bond to the shingles below.

Pocket-door lock
INOX announces a unique two-in-one tubular lock for pocket doors called TwistLock, which is a combination of a spring-loaded, integrated edge pull that rotates to convert into a lock bolt. The patent-pending design is constructed from 304 stainless steel to provide maximum strength and durability ideal for a variety of residential and commercial applications.

Wall tiles
Island Stone extends its collection of Stone Essentials Textured Wall Tiles with the introduction of Ledger Panel and Ledger Corner. The textured wall tiles deliver the striking, enduring look of stone cladding in an easy-to-install, large-format stone ledger panel that is suitable for indoor and outdoor residential and commercial applications.

Fiber-cement siding
James Hardie Building Products pairs its smooth, geometric Reveal Panel System with the distinctive profiles of its Artisan Siding to create its Aspyre Collection. As part of the collection launch, four Artisan Siding profiles are being introduced: Bevel Channel, Square Channel, Shiplap and Beaded Lap, which join the existing Artisan V-Groove and Lap Siding offerings.

Interior door
The Jeld-Wen Birkdale molded interior door features three equal-sized recessed panels with non-profiled sticking. Its sleek lines are reminiscent of traditional stile-and-rail wood doors but with the performance of a molded door, including a variety of core options. With five flat panel interior models available, doors come prefinished or smooth, primed and ready to paint.

Shower curb
KBRS engineers its HardCurb shower curb with a solid EPS core and self-sealing anchoring cap to prevent damaging water leaks and swelling that cause tile failure. The system is composed of a high-density closed-cell foam base and the higher-density composite anchoring cap, which is configured to retain a fastener to form a water-resistant seal.

Farmhouse fixtures
Kichler Lighting takes inspiration from exposed beams, rustic wood, prominent metals and vintage materials for its Modern Farmhouse Fixtures. Offered in pendants, chandeliers, sconces and flush mounts, the collection evokes a weathered, inviting feel. Marquee mixes clean, simple lines, vintage milk cans inspire Montauk, and Peyton updates the industrial-inspired cage.

Metal stair system
L.J. Smith Stair Systems offers nationwide availability of the Metal Panel System in its popular Linear Collection. The pre-assembled panels do not require any installation by a specialized stair builder; trim carpenters can easily install the system. It includes fast-install spacer newels, panel posts, square-nose-designed treads and handrails. The panels are pre-built to fit.

Built-in charging
Legrand launches its Ultra-Fast PLUS Power Delivery USB Outlet, combining the amperage of the Ultra-Fast line with advanced Power Delivery. The built-in charging solution provides the fastest way to charge the newest phones, tablets and laptops, matching their higher power capacity. The outlet detects and delivers the precise amount of power needed for devices.

Illuminated switches
Leviton introduces a line of LED Illuminated Switches that achieves optimal performance with all bulb types, including LEDs, CFLs and incandescent. The switches do not require a neutral wire for installation. Patent-pending technology eliminates flickering of the switch’s illumination and issues that can occur when lighted switches are paired with LED and CFL lighting loads.

Water heater
Lochinvar adds the Reverse Indirect Water Heater to its continually expanding family of water-heating solutions. Providing up to 30 gpm of continuous hot water delivery, the unit is designed perfectly for multifamily, commercial and large residential water heating applications using a hydronic system. The Reverse Indirect Water Heater is available in a 125-gallon capacity.

Air, water barrier
LP Building Solutions LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier is now an APA Structural I Rated wall and roof sheathing. Backed by a 30-year limited warranty, LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier can withstand temperature cycling and delivers consistent, long-term protection. The panels help safeguard homes from water intrusion while allowing moisture vapor to escape.

Linear drains
LUXE Linear Drains offers an attractive, high-performance replacement for traditional center floor drains with its Modular V Channel Wedgewire Drain Kit. Engineered to meet a wide range of residential drain needs, the kit includes a 48-inch Modular V channel, a 48-inch premium Wedgewire grate, two end caps, an outlet joiner and a standard joiner (for coupling two lengths).

Cladding system
Luxyclad combines aesthetic options and the durability of metal to create its cladding system. Composed of extruded aluminum profiles that are processed through in-house powder-coating and sublimation technology, Luxyclad siding and soffit embodies the warmth of wood, the shine of metallic, and the rich pigment of solid colors without traditional maintenance or fading.

Casement window
The Marvin Ultimate Casement Window features concealed multipoint locks, a wash mode and durable hardware. With heights and widths up to 102 and 44 inches, respectively, the Marvin Ultimate Casement window includes retractable screen options for an unobstructed view, and certain sizes are available in StormPlus for Impact Zone 3 coastal regions and are CE certified.

Exterior wood doors
Masonite engineers its DuraStyle exterior wood doors with AquaSeal technology to guard the natural beauty of wood doors. AquaSeal technology employs a patented process that seals the edges of wood panels and glass inserts with a clear barrier engineered to protect against water penetration. DuraStyle exterior wood doors are backed by a five-year limited warranty.

Moving glass walls
Milgard Windows & Doors launches new AX550 Moving Glass Walls in standard and custom sizes. The AX550 has a modern, aluminum frame with narrow sightlines available in four colors: white, tan, dark bronze anodized and clear anodized. With panels as high as 10 feet and as wide as 5 feet, the moving glass wall offers a variety of configuration options.

Smart ceiling fan
The Modern Forms ULTRA Germicidal Smart Fan helps owners create a safer sanctuary for residential, hospitality and commercial settings. ULTRA uses a patent-pending system, which combines a powerful germicidal Ultraviolet-C LED module that irradiates the air with a ceiling fan that circulates the air from the occupied spaces to the unoccupied upper reaches of an area.

Showerhead options
Moen launches Nebia by Moen Quattro Rainshower and Nebia by Moen Quattro Handshower showerheads, each of which offers four distinct showers all in a single showerhead. Both the rainshower and handshower feature a unique design that allows users to save water without sacrificing experience by providing the perfect shower options to suit all their needs.

Composite decking
MoistureShield debuts Cold Brew, a warm and inviting medium-roast brown with subtle color variegation, within its Vision capped composite decking line. Cold Brew joins five other natural colors: Smokey Gray, Spanish Leather, Sandstone, Cathedral Stone and Mochaccino. Cold Brew, along with Mochaccino and Cathedral Stone, offers the added option of CoolDeck technology.

Undermount sink link
MR Direct unveils SinkLink, an innovative installation piece that conjoins an undermount sink and laminate countertop in a flushed finish. Constructed from thick durable plastic, SinkLink is available in white, gray and black to match any decor. It also comes in different sizes, making it compatible with a wide range of MR Direct stainless steel and porcelain undermount sinks.

Sculpted finish tubs
MTI Baths brings the beauty of simplicity to the bathroom with its new Metro Sculpted Finish tubs. The freestanding design captures the elegance of minimalist design with crisp, rectangular lines and a soothing absence of ornamentation. It complements both traditional and modern décor to create a lasting style statement of refinement and luxury.

Efficient gas furnace
Napoleon makes highly efficient gas furnaces that keep homeowners comfortable and include a unique, virus-killing UV-C sanitation system called HOMESHIELD. HOMESHIELD produces the UV-C “killer effect” safely inside the furnace, sterilizing air inside and stopping the spread of harmful viruses, molds, bacteria, parasites and allergens. And it works silently 24 hours a day.

Flexible gas fireplace
Napoleon unveils the Altitude X Series, changing the look and functionality of a gas fireplace. Flexible installation of any unit is possible because of the enclosure height of the appliance, complemented by a spacious TV recess—a frame with combustibles that allows for a plywood backer to be installed for a TV mount. An adjustable finishing flange is available.

Floating vanities
Native Trails adds the Chardonnay and Cabernet Floating Vanities to its Vitner’s Series. Built by American artisans, the two new bathroom centerpieces reuse wine-making materials from the heart of California’s wine country. Both vanities are made from straight, flat wine-stained oaking staves that were used to flavor the wine during the aging process.

Tankless water heater
Navien expands its NPN non-condensing tankless water heater lineup with a 120,000 BTU/h model. The NPN-120E is the fourth model introduction to the NPN-E (exterior) series, and just like the other three models in the series (NPN-160E, NPN-180E and NPN-199E), the new size comes in separate natural gas and liquid propane configurations for outdoor-only operation.

Ceramic wall tile
Nemo Tile + Stone unveils GLOW, an iridescent, white body ceramic wall tile finished in chic pastel shades: Rain (light blue), Blush (light pink), Vanilla (white) and Snow (white). The color offerings all include a unique and eye-catching hologram option containing the perfect mixture of each shade. The effect mimics a rainbow mirage, providing an enticing surfacing option.

Outdoor lighting
Oelo LED Outdoor Changing Lights, practically invisible by day, blend in with the building’s fascia for a seamless look, while these color-changing lights are expressive by night thanks to Oelo’s customizable color app. The lights only need to be installed. For mood or task patio lighting, the white patio lights can illuminate a space.

Realistic fireplace
Ortal rolls out its latest innovation for luxury fireplaces, the Wilderness Collection with Firelog Technology, which delivers a lifelike log-and-flame experience without the mess or the lingering smell of wood fire. The real-fire appearance is achieved by allowing gas to flow directly within the log media, resulting in a taller, more realistic flame.

Boosted ventilator
Panasonic debuts its next-generation Intelli-Balance 100 Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) with an occupant-controlled Boost function. With the flip of a switch, Boost increases the fan speed to the highest setting, increasing airflow on demand. It is ideal when large gatherings in the home require greater ventilation.

Window hardware
Pella unveils the Easy-Slide Operator, introducing a new way to open and close casement and awning windows. The hardware solution enables homeowners to easily slide the operator up to open and down to close the window, offering a much smoother operation than continuously cranking. Easy-Slide Operator is available on Pella Impervia casement and awning windows.

Metal roof system
ProVia launches metal roofing that combines the luxury and beauty of slate or cedar shakes with the durability and longevity of a galvanized steel roof system. Using 26 gauge (G90) hot-dipped galvanized steel, the metal panels are 10 percent thicker than the industry average (28-30 gauge) while weighing up to three times less than asphalt shingles.

Hung-slider window
REHAU announces its new System 190 hung-slider design with integrated RAUSHIELD storm protection system. This innovation extends the high-performance uPVC side-load window line with an economical solution for meeting hurricane impact codes. The 3-¼-inch (83 mm) frame features anchor points that allow for quick, easy installation of storm protection fabric.

Kitchen pullouts
Rev-A-Shelf takes the frustration out of storing cookware with pullouts designed specifically for cookware storage and organization. Available for 18- and 24-inch base cabinets, 4CW2 Series Two-Tier Cookware Organizer incorporates dovetail construction, chrome accents, wooden pegs, lid and pot/pan organizers, and full-extension, over-travel Movento soft-close slides.

Water heating system
Rinnai delivers a compact, reliable and flexible water heating system with its TRX Compact Wall-Mount System. Designed to offer faster and more flexible installation in an easy-to-transport package, the TRX system provides solutions to save contractors valuable time and scarce mechanical room space. Contractors can move the system from truck to jobsite easily.

Silicone fire sealants
RWC now offers an even more robust solution with the launch of the HydroFlame 300 self-leveling (HF300SL) and HydroFlame 300 caulk-grade (HF300CG) silicone firestop sealants. HF300SL and HF300CG are moisture-resistant silicone fire sealants designed for areas subjected to high levels of moisture, or when UL-listed W ratings are required.

Drain pump
Saniflo unveils the Sanivite Drain Pump, designed for commercial and residential applications. The Sanivite Drain Pump can discharge gray water away from a variety of fixture types up to 16 feet vertically and/or 150 feet horizontally to the drain line. Small enough to fit inside a kitchen cabinet, the unit was designed to handle the toughest applications.

Shower shelving
Schluter-Systems expands the finishes offered for its three recently introduced Schluter-SHELF designs: PURE, WAVE, and SQUARE. These designs are now available in six TRENDLINE color-coated aluminum finishes—matte black, matte white, greige, stone grey, cream and bronze—as well as the original brushed stainless steel finish.

Lighting additions
Schonbek unveils a new collection, Helenia, and two line extensions: Renaissance Nouveau and Hamilton Nouveau. Each light fixture included provides a sophisticated focal point for a variety of spaces. Helenia includes two delicate chandeliers and one subtle sconce, while Renaissance Nouveau and Hamilton Nouveau both include three chandeliers and one sconce.

Paint collection
Sherwin-Williams answers the call for colors and products that help people to invite well-being home with its new Living Well collection. Inspired by a mix of colors and paint carefully chosen for a sense of comfort and style, the collection offers 11 curated color palettes and includes two products that expand the SuperPaint line with added air-purifying and sanitizing technologies.

Ceramic sinks
Simas invades the bathroom environment with the friendly color energy of its basins collection, Wave. Available in rounded, oval, square or rectangular shapes, and for wall-hung or countertop installation, Wave is characterized by asymmetry on the internal bowl thanks to the soft grade of the frontal edge. Realized in fireclay and with thin edges of 8 mm, Wave consists of eight basins.

Post base wrap
Simpson Strong-Tie adds a new decorative post base wrap to its Outdoor Accents line of code-listed wood connectors and fasteners. Homeowners, contractors and outdoor space designers can enhance the appearance of post base connections by enclosing them in the APBDW Outdoor Accents decorative post wrap that fits around most nominal 4×4 and 6×6 post bases.

Pre-assembled panels
Stiebel Eltron makes radiant floor heating installation simple and reliable with its HydroShark Modular Panel System. HydroShark features a closely spaced tee to create hydraulic separation between the boiler loop and emitter heating loop. The loops are independent, and each uses its own pump, allowing the flow rate to be separately adjusted for optimized performance.

On-trend shake color
Tando announces a new Char color as the latest addition to its TandoShake Cape Cod Perfection line of classic shakes. Char’s unique color offers the beauty of charred, burnt or blackened wood, a look rooted in a centuries-old Japanese wood preserving process known as Shou Sugi Ban, the practice of burning wood to protect it from the elements.

Vinyl flooring
Tarkett adds 28 new designs to its FiberFloor residential luxury sheet vinyl flooring, giving homeowners access to the latest trends. The designs are available across the Fresh Start, Easy Living and Lifetime collections and include trend-forward encaustics, captivating woods and beautiful marble and stone looks. The designs have been certified asthma and allergy friendly.

Fiberglass entry door
Therma-Tru Doors delivers a transitional update to its historic Shaker style with Smooth-Star Shaker-Style doors and sidelites. Ideal for homes taking design cues from farmhouse, prairie and modern architectural elements, the fiberglass doors feature Shaker-style recessed panels and flush-glazed glass. Privacy and textured glass can add a decorative element.

Tool belt set
ToughBuilt brings a new level of organization and efficiency to every project with its 3-Piece Handyman Tool Belt Set. The ClipTech innovation gives professionals the never-before option of effortless, adjustable and interchangeable pouches to fit each job. The set includes two rugged pouches and a Padded Belt with heavy-duty buckle.

Reddish-brown siding
Trespa adds a décor to its Trespa Pure NFC siding line: Tropical Ipe. Similar to its namesake in appearance and durability, the Tropical Ipe décor features a blend of reddish-brown hue to reflect the look of untreated ipe while being easy to install and maintaining its appearance long-term. Because the siding is easy to handle and cut, it can readily be applied in a modern flush style.

Outdoor structure
Trex elevates outdoor design with the Trex Pergola Shadow, a sleek, all-aluminum structure that features architectural shade panels in a variety of patterns from geometrical and romantic to art deco. The panel designs offer varying degrees of openness, allowing designers to choose the perfect amount of shade. Each Trex Pergola Shadow structure features a powder-coat finish.

Custom skylights
Velux creates dramatic views with SkyMax Large Span Skylights, a versatile, custom product that can be as big as 32 square feet. Measuring 10 feet on its longest dimension, SkyMax doubles the square footage of a standard-size flat glass skylight without a loss of thermal efficiency. The product has a standard enamel finish in Quaker Bronze but comes in nine more designer colors.

Gray hardware finish
Viaggio Hardware presents its newest finish option that meets the trend toward the color gray. Titanium Gray is a unique choice for door hardware and a simple way to add elegant style to a room. Its warm undertones and effortless blending of gray and bronze make the overall look unique. Titanium Gray is ideal for those who cannot decide between satin brass and matte black.

Glass railing system
Viewrail presents the Vedera glass railing system for use with FLIGHT floating stairways. The Vedera system utilizes the company’s tempered, low-iron Starphire glass and a unique hidden fastener to create an unexpected marriage of glass and wood. Eliminating all extraneous elements and completely hiding the fasteners helps produce an uncluttered stairway.

Microwave ovens
Vinotemp augments its appliance line, Brama by Vinotemp, with two microwave ovens. Both the over-the-range option and the built-in or countertop option offer modern design aesthetic, navigable interfaces and a variety of cooking options including a smart, Sensor Cook function. The Brama Over the Range Microwave uses surface lighting along with a two-speed exhaust fan.

Home thermostat
Warmup presents the Warmup 6iE, the first thermostat with a smartphone screen. The device, paired with the MyHeating app, works seamlessly to heat a home based on the owner’s schedule and local forecast for energy savings up to $500 a year. Advanced technology built into the 6iE and MyHeating app find the most efficient heat settings for a home without constant monitoring.

Pull-down sprayer
Waterstone creates contemporary, traditional, modern and industrial Positive Lock Pulldown (PLP) Faucets to add quality and functionality to the kitchen. The standard-, extended- or prep-size reach sprayer can be used to reach each corner of the sink before sliding back up to lock into place. The PLP design holds the ergonomic handle in place and prevents sag when not in use.

Sliding patio door
Weather Shield provides performance and operation with narrow profiles and large expanses of glass in the Contemporary Collection NEXT GEN Sliding Patio Door. It features a multi-point locking system in which hardware encompasses the perimeter of the operating panel and locks it securely against the frame on all sides. Precision-bearing rollers offer one-finger panel operation.

Extension ladder
Werner launches the GlideSafe Extension Ladder, a breakthrough innovation with a lift-assist technology that helps the end-user comfortably raise and lower the ladder’s fly section. It is the only ladder on the market with Werner’s patent-pending technology, which provides up to 50 percent assistance to raise the ladder in addition to speed-controlled lowering.

Roofing underlayment
Westlake Royal Roofing introduces Acrilay roofing underlayment, a product combining SBS modified asphalt with a proprietary acrylic adhesive. A single-layer system, the underlayment offers improved adhesion performance compared to options that incorporate asphalt-based adhesives. Acrilay roofing underlayment also provides protection from weather stressors.

Laminate designs
Wilsonart debuts its High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Stone Collection, designed to offer surfaces that seamlessly enhance all types of environments and create comfortable and inviting spaces as well. The line of new HPL designs delivers affordable luxury with a new, textured finish and 16 designs all reminiscent of various natural stone surfaces.

Magnetic door
ZipWall presents its most versatile door kit, the ZipDoor Magnetic Door, which can be used for sealing a doorway or creating a self-closing entry in a plastic barrier. It is quick and easy to set up with ZipWall double-sided tape specially designed not to damage the doorframe. Powerful magnets ensure the door maintains a tight seal while also providing easy access.

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