Chermak Construction                                  
Edmonds, WA

Chermak Construction was able to take a empty drab storefront to a vibrant space full of happiness and bright colors. The design team, along with the clients, took their vision of a specialty dog bakery and brought it to life with all the unique touches such as the turf wall, a treat chute, walk up service window and hand painted mural. Beautiful quartz counter tops look fresh and polished against the raw concrete slab and dark wood finishes of the barn door. 

Regional Award

ALH Home Renovations                                
Roeland Park, KS

In creating a beautiful office space that was aesthetically pleasing as well as functional for the client’s team and their customers, well thought out designs allowed us to come up with effective solutions. Elements like the ceiling cloud, allowed us to make the space feel wider, while, giving an opportunity for branding with the company color. Another element the clients wanted was to make the space inviting. This was done by using previous projects as art in the halls and offices of the building.

Regional Award

GTM Architects                                             
Bethesda, MD

The building owner realized there were elements that should be improved upon and/or added. Overall, renovations included lobby improvements, a new conference space for tenants, and a new fitness center designed in a modern and sophisticated style. The newly designed lobby reception and security desk was shifted closer to the building’s main entry doors for better functionality. A dated art installation at the elevator bank was replaced with a cluster of pendant lights, adding interest and better lighting for the space. An elegant lounge area was also created to fully define the space and provide more seating.

Regional Award

DMG Design+Build                                        
Metairie, LA

This VFW Post was the last one remaining in New Orleans, LA. It was imperative to recreate its image while retaining the history of the location and its connection to the community. By providing a building with up-to-date structure and amenities while utilizing reclaimed materials and spacious meeting areas we were able to hold on to their traditions while allowing them to continue working toward a more prosperous future.

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