Revolution Design and Build                        
Wayzata, MN

With the old kitchen’s peninsula and matching soffit removed, the new kitchen now flows beautifully into all the nearby spaces. It is kind of crazy how dramatically different this space feels after removing the sunburst grid from the arch-top window, repainting the window sashes black and the trim white.

Regional Award

Owings Brothers                                           
Eldersburg, MD

Owings Brothers were asked to respect the existing post and beam structure and the integrity of the deck home appearance for this remodel. They took the approach of light and airy with a slightly modern twist. They painted the brick interiors white, pulled and redid the floors, and updated the railings. The final chapter is about the kitchen and bathroom remodel. The end product met with the homeowner’s satisfaction, keeping the original wood and open glass appearance with modern sleek finishes.

Regional Award

Michael Nash Design Build & Homes                       
Fairfax, VA

This 1980’s single family home in Ashburn, Va. has been recently purchased by a young family. Their desire to renovate the entire home and move toward a more upscale and modern era from its original builder grade products was their essential reasoning for this purchase.  There were several load bearings walls and a beam that was an obvious visual separation of space and they wanted it all gone.  The stunning birds eye view from second floor balcony to the entire first floor is breath taking. The extra ordinary number of challenges to achieve this unique outcome was a lot but worth it.

Regional Award

D.B. Bryson Remodeling                               
Albuquerque, NM

In meetings with the clients, D.B. Bryson Remodeling addressed three problems. The first was to bring part of the kitchen floor up 18″ to flush it out with the remaining kitchen. The second was to remove walls and multiple soffits to get more open space. As well as adding a prep sink and cooktop with an exhaust vent in the new island. The third was to use the available space next to the existing bathroom and move the powder bathroom to a new location out of the entry from the garage to the house. The finished project was a huge success.

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