Architectural Workshop                               
Denver, CO

The remodel/addition of this Mid-Century Modern home now provides more flexible and usable space for the highly active family of five to enjoy activities and intellectual pursuits. 

The new addition provides enough square footage to offer an extended kitchen, dining area, family room, powder room, music room, and the much-needed storage that is tucked under the newly raised areas which are accessed by lifting the hinged staircase. The homeowners are ecstatic with the results as it achieves their programming requests and the incorporation of the original decorative wood slats into the home design.

Regional Award

Silent Rivers Design+Build                            
Des Moines, IA

The Silent Rivers team reorganized the home’s layout, improving functionality and comfort starting with the once congested entry that now invites homeowners and guests alike into the home’s now open floor plan. A small addition creates a sitting area and brings visual continuity to the rear of the property, while comprehensive exterior improvements elevate the home’s curb appeal. The custom cabinetry, counters, and dining room table were built in house by our team using walnut milled from the homeowners’ prior property, fostering a connection to their past and remaining sustainability-minded.

The team took great effort to keep the modest scale of the home as evident by the deck, sun-room addition, kitchen layout and dining room. By opening the walls each space remains independent but also combines by borrowing views from other rooms. This allows the house to accommodate a growing extended family while also serving the needs of this retired couple.

Regional Award

Evelyn Pierce Design Studio                         
Washington, DC

This exciting “before and after” attracted the client with its historic charm, especially the original brick horse stables at the rear. When first purchased, the interior was overcrowded with junk and many of the complimenting historic detailing was lost. There was hardly even a path to walk! Our main objectives in the transformation were maximizing the existing spaces while highlighting the historic scale, reconfiguring as little as possible on the first level. Aesthetically, the project aimed to pay homage to the black and white foyer tile, holding a polished look that continuously referenced the original time period of the house.

Regional Award

Sheedy Watts Design                                     
Charlotte, NC

This original home was a inner-city rental property for thirteen years and the owners wanted to renovate it and make it into a permanent residence. Although the renovation doubled the square footage, it’s new two-thousand square feet keeps it in scale with the original houses of the historic neighborhood. A new stair tower, which reflects a farmhouse hay silo, marks the entry onto the street and into the historic neighborhood. The use of traditional elements reflect the history of the homes and help set a precedent for the street in any future renovations.

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