2023 Master Design Awards: Addition More Than $250,000 — BRONZE

by Emily Blackburn

Sheedy Watts Design

Charlotte, N.C.

Square Footage: 2,000

The owners of an inner-city rental property decided to renovate and make it their permanent residence. The renovation aimed to keep the scale of the home smaller to fit into the historic neighborhood context. The program of rooms was kept small to fit within 2,000 square feet. The first floor has the daily spaces and the main bedroom suite, so the most-used areas are on one level.

The new second floor contains two bedrooms with a bath and a loft-type office space. The architectural style used for inspiration was a contemporary farmhouse, and the stair tower was used to mimic the form of a hay silo on a farm. The side of the house faces a busy thoroughfare, so buffering noise and redirecting views drove the placement of core areas and outdoor spaces. The house now fits the owners well and is “right-sized” for one couple.

The architecture of the original house did not contribute to the historic feel of the street, but by adding period architectural elements, the house now introduces the neighborhood to the busy thoroughfare and sets a precedent for future renovations. The renovation doubled the square footage, but the new 2,000 square feet keeps it in scale with the original houses of the historic neighborhood.

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