2023 Master Design Awards: Addition More Than $250,000 — HONORABLE MENTION

by Emily Blackburn

Feldman Architecture

San Francisco, Calif.

Location: Oakland, Calif. | Project Cost: $515,000
Square footage before: 1,310 | Square footage after: 2,089

The main challenge of this project centered around Steven himself acting as both the owner, architect, and builder, ordering and supplying many of the materials, products, fixtures, cabinets, electrical components, custom moldings, and flooring himself, managing a plethora of moving pieces. A scrappy team and tight budget allowed for exciting and innovative solutions and the uncovering of great new products – for example, the design called for a very specific narrow profile up/down shades that would clear the window handle when fully deployed, based on the window trim that was evolving from the portal concept. After searching for ‘narrow-profile’ shades online, the team discovered a German made company with Bay Area representation, Fensterman LLC, who manufactured shades with a 7/8-inch width. It was a very rewarding problem to solve. The project’s tight timeline presented another obstacle – design started in July, the family moved out of the home in August, and project was complete by March.

The traditional shell of the Redwood Heights home reveals a modern interior, with a newly renovated kitchen, dining room, office space, and primary bedroom. In the front yard, black powder coated steel retaining walls subtly add contemporary detailing to the exterior. Inside, by removing the breakfast nook and pushing the building out four feet into the side yard, the renovation expanded the kitchen downstairs as well as the office upstairs, adding more usable space for the family of four. Details like black trimmed windows, thoughtful transitions between traditional and modern trim between rooms, and new modern appliances thoughtfully elevate spaces. Upstairs, the design rethinks the attic, previously a makeshift and cluttered office. The new and expanded space has multiple workstations and updated lighting and windows. A new primary suite on the second level adds a sense of privacy and allows each kid to have their own bedroom.


Kitchen Countertops: Unique Calcata, DaVinci Marble
Appliances: GE Monogram, Atherton
Bathroom Tile: Emser Tile, San Leandro

Window Shades: Fenstermann, honeycomb
Cabinets: Custom by BFD Cabinets
Window and Doors: Kolbe Heritage Series

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