2023 Master Design Awards: Bathroom $50,000-$75,000 — SILVER

by Emily Blackburn

Corinthian Fine Homes

Indianapolis, Ind.

The homeowners approached the renovation company with a desire to transform their primary bathroom while staying within the current footprint of the room. The original bathroom design and layout were inefficient, and the homeowners wanted an updated bathroom with current amenities, more storage, and a vanity that would accommodate both husband and wife. They also desired a “spa-like” bathroom similar to one they had experienced in a vacation resort.

The renovation company demoed the entire bathroom to the studs and found dead space between the bathroom and bedroom that they were able to utilize. Building the cabinetry in-house allowed for an even deeper linen cabinet and a slightly larger double vanity, which the homeowners loved. The renovation team used terrazzo tile for the bathroom floor, which was a homeowner request from their vacation and served as inspiration for the bathroom design. Aqua gloss tile was used on the shower walls and ceiling and then repeated on the vanity wall. They added a knee wall for privacy for the toilet and incorporated an orchid shelf on top. During construction, they found the opportunity for a cathedral ceiling, which makes the room feel much larger than it is.

Their first obstacle was relocating the toilet from one side of the room to create space for the larger vanity to allow for proper drainage. They ended up cutting the floor system and rerouting the plumbing to the basement. They also changed the plumbing lines from the ancient, galvanized pipes to PEX piping from the bathroom to the basement to prevent further plumbing issues they had experienced on their first floor. Their next obstacle was locating a soaker tub that would fit within their non-standard size constraints. They wanted to optimize as much floor space as possible to make the room feel more spacious than it was, so it took a lot of research to find a 54” by 30” soaker tub that would actually be available. Supply shortages were still occurring, so not only did they need the tub when needed, but they needed to ensure it wasn’t damaged during shipping.

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