Entablature, LLC

New Orleans, La.

Location: New Orleans, La. | Project Cost: $54,800

Dark faux-wood paneling and low ceilings made the principal bathroom of a 120-year-old home feel claustrophobic.A stained-glass window (not original to the house) filtered what natural light the gloomy, mismatched and ill-maintained room did receive. The owners longed fora bath that served as an oasis from the daily grind and stayed true to the historic vibe of the shotgun house.

The tub-and-shower wet area now looks out onto a lush,tropical yard bounded by an accessory structure that creates privacy from the closely packed neighboring houses. All of the tiles are handmade and individually laid. A clerestory window above the sinks adds natural light while maintaining privacy, and custom French doors with a transom window keep the light flowing.

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