2023 Master Design Awards: Insurance Restoration — GOLD

by Emily Blackburn

Kowalski Construction Inc.

Phoenix, Ariz.

Location: Chandler, Ariz. | Project cost: $1.2 million
Square footage: 100,000

Over the Christmas and New Year holiday, a major fire sprinkler line broke for a national grocery store chain. The break itself was in an extremely difficult spot—the ceiling of a 118,000-square-foot freezer in the chain’s large distribution center. The scope of work was to mitigate damages caused by the leaking water, which had frozen and obstructed all the chain’s production abilities.

Managing a large workforce of 105 people, including working with other contractors onsite, the company extracted the water that had frozen in its suction lines. Each fragment of ice had to be manually chipped out, and no large equipment or chemicals could be used for fear it may damage the concrete underneath or compromise food products. Worker health remained the top priority.

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