BLB Design/Build

Amesbury, Mass. |

Designer: Kevin Latady, Latady Design
Location: Newburyport, Mass. | Project cost:$219,864
Square footage before: 20 | Square footage after: 680

Originally the facade of this waterfront property featured a simple front-landing with a small roof supported by two decorative columns. The owners sought to increase their outdoor entertainment space and upgrade curb appeal, so the team carried the front porch along the entire length of the facade to allow enough space on either side of the steps to sit and enjoy the view of Joppa Flats.

A barrel roof designed at the center of the porch extends into two hip roofs on either side. Due to the curvature of the roof, the framing integrates a curved exterior cove molding that wraps along the perimeter of the three roofs.Roman tapered columns at the corners support the roofs, and a combination of flat-welded and standing seam copper on the roofs will begin to patina over time.

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