Schachne Architects and Builders

Davie, Fla.

Architect: Stan Schachne AIA | Designer: Donna Schachne
Location: Hollywood, Fla. | Project cost: $900,000
Square footage: 2,692

Five years earlier, the company completed a full condominium renovation for the owners. They loved their remodeled condo but found a larger unit in an adjacent building with a better view, though their new purchase also needed a total restoration.The clients wanted to emulate the first condo but add motorized doors to cover the TV when not in use and a larger custom wine cooler.

The remodeler initiated a few additional changes to make the unit unique, such as inconspicuous down lights, a large pantry with counter for a toaster and other appliances, and custom backlit art glass for the elevator lobby.A 20-foot-long track system accommodates aluminum double doors that cover the living room TV, and the works of a particular artist are showcased once they close.

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