Platt Builders

Ayer, Mass.

Location: Carlisle, Mass. | Project cost: $646,100
Square footage before: 1,000 | Square footage after: 1,350

In the middle of another project, the client mentioned needing more space for her art studio. All the remodeler had to do was look up for the answer: Her unfinished,heated attic level provided the perfect spot.Because the existing area was free of midspan structural supports,the company was able to incorporate oversized work and thinking spaces and take advantage of its full height.

Using a crane to bring materials up and over the second-floor roof, the remodeler crafted a glass top above the powder room, which kept the sight lines and airiness of the space intact.Custom-crafted brackets enabled the library ladder to span the large window and to clear the countertop without impeding too much floor space.Changing the ladder angled allowed for that clearance.

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