2023 Master Design Awards: Whole House More Than $700,000 — HONORABLE MENTION

by Emily Blackburn

Giulietti Schouten Weber Architects

Portland, Ore.

Location: West Linn, Ore. | Project cost: $1.7 million
Square footage before: 2,484 | Square footage after: 3,786

The clients of this converted barn remodel were looking to retain the existing garage while adding a new guest house and pool room in the space above. The guest house would be for the father of the clients, with a special request for an outdoor living space at the upper level. The remodel needed to be a complete transformation, with new roof lines, new exterior, and an additional area added to the new second level.

The converted barn had little area in the attic for a guest apartment. Renovating it would require a whole new floor to be added with a new roofline. The challenge was how to integrate a new guest house above the garage and shop while not having the garage dominate the overall elevations. The guest house/apartment also needed to share space with a new pool/exercise room while providing privacy from the main level office and two garages/shop.

The upper level apartment and exercise room received new interior layout, finishes and a dramatic butterfly roof. The lower-level garages and office were remodeled with new entry and stair with contrasting traditional stucco as a base. The upper living areas received clear vertical grain cedar and all new hardscapes to access the existing pool and terrace.

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