Altenloh, Brinck & Co. US, Inc. SPAX Deck Joist & Beam tape is designed to extend the life of wooden decks. Placed directly on the top of joists and beams, it acts as a moisture barrier and adds strength, durability, flexibility and is ultraviolet resistant. It forms a tight seal around deck fasteners to prevent moisture penetration and is stable at high temperatures. Available in 75-foot rolls in two widths: SPAX Joist Tape in 1-5/8 inches (4.13 cm) and SPAX Beam Tape in 3-1/4 inches (8.26 cm) for double joists/beams.

dasso USA dassoXTR distributes a wide range of accessories and fasteners. The installation accessories are categorized by different product types, such as general, decking, RainClad Siding, porch, shiplap soffit, etc., to help pros identify accessories for use with dassoXTR products. In addition to screws, fasteners, plugs, drill bits, and clips, they also offer exterior finishes, cleaners and sealants.

The E-Clip Collated Hidden Deck Fastener from Envision Outdoor Living Products is easy to use. Insert the E-Clip into the grooved edge of the Envision composite deck board. Drive the screw into the substructure and snap off the collation strip. The fasteners are pre-assembled in collated strips of 16. The fasteners work with all three Envision capped composite decking collections: Distinction, Expression, and Ridge Premium.

FastenMaster Cortex Hidden Fastening System on collated strips is designed to be 50 percent faster and the best way to hide fasteners in composite, capstock, PVC decking and some composite fascia. The fastener is almost impossible to strip out and features a TORX Ttap drive system to keep fasteners straight through installation. Collated Cortex plugs are made from the same material as market-leading deck boards, providing an exact match.

National Nail Universal Deck Clips are designed to make installing grooved decking on wood or metal joists easier. These hidden deck clips are designed and warranted for use with leading grooved deck boards and result in a beautiful fastener-free surface that can be installed in half the time of other hidden fasteners. EDGE, WEDGE and WEDGEMETAL clips can be fastened by hand with the Never-Miss Guide or from a standing position with the ClipDRIVE and DRIVE tools.

PrimeSource Building Products Installations are 31 percent faster with the Grip-Rite Ninja Hidden Deck Clip. Clips resist falling out of the groove and compression-fit levers hold them in position. They evenly space deck boards to speed up the installation process. Insert clips into the board at each joist. Slide the next deck board into place. Then fasten with PrimeGuard Max coated stainless-steel screws. The serrated teeth grab the board on two sides to ensure a strong hold. The Flex-Fit universal clip design offers straight, diagonal or herringbone patterns using a single style clip.

Trex Company Designed specifically for use where deck boards meet over a single joist, the new Trex Hideaway Butt Joint Clip ensures perfect alignment and a strong connection without the hassle of additional joists and fasteners. The extra-wide “wings” of the clip provide the same secure connection as two standard hidden fasteners. Only one clip is required per side. Additionally, the clip’s “shoulders” are designed to provide the support of two joists, eliminating the need for a sister joist in end-to-end deck board applications. The result is quicker deck installs without compromising aesthetics. QR

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