Camina & Schmid Inc. The German manufacturer introduces six new timeless gas fireplaces to the American market. The company’s boutique range of gas fireplaces feature high levels of detail as well as innovative construction. The company takes pride in the engineering of the flame pattern of its fireplacess, which nearly replicate flames in real wood fire. The product line also offers advanced technical features such as a multi-color LED ember bed and overhead light settings across the full RGB color space, which is unique to the market.

DekTek Tile makes Fireproof Firepit Tiles. The concrete decking manufacturer offers tiles designed to be installed with built-in wood burning fire pits. They are also suited for installation near gas or electric fire tables. The concrete tiles protected against embers and flames, as well as wild fires. Whether designing an outdoor space on an elevated-deck, roof deck, patio, porch or outdoor kitchen, the concrete fire pit tiles allow owners to select any fire feature.

Stone Forest Each of the company’s Natural Boulder Fire Vessels are carved from blocks of gray-green granite. Each has its own unique shape. Perfect for decks and patios, the fire vessel is made for use with an electronic gas kit and tempered glass; 30 pounds to fill each bowl. The electronic gas kit and tempered glass embers are sold separately through Stone Forest.

Stone Yard Inc. Fire Tables and Bowls are ideal for refined patios and other outdoor entertaining areas. The products are cast using a proprietary process to create the appearance of stone with the added benefits of being lighter weight and more durable. The company’s line of fire tables and bowls create ambient light and heat and, in the process, they serve to safely upgrade many types of outdoor rooms. The Tables and Bowls are hand-crafted, combining artistry with durability.

Touchstone Home Products are designed to add ambiance to outdoor spaces without firewood or gas. Recessed, Insert, Wall Mount, Linear, and 3-Sided Electric Fireplace styles are available from the company. The company designed them to be easy to install. They feature natural-looking LED flames, heaters and remote-control operation. A cool-to-the-touch front panel ensures the units are safe to operate around children, pets and the elderly. QR

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