DekTek Tile concrete pavers offer durabilty and curated design options. Pavers are especially appropriate when permeability is a consideration. The tiles are designed permeable but can also be installed non-permeable. DekTek offers that features a durable rubber, EPDM-Pedestal-Pad installation. The tiles work well over old concrete slabs and serve as good choice for new-construction patios. For patios: Contractors can avoid costly dirt-work or issues with freezing and thawing shifting over time by constructing a ground-level frame using doubled-up 2 inch by 6 inch boards or 2 inch by 4 inch boards as footings. The result is a low-maintenance patio solution. DekTek pavers also offer a solution for outdoor-spaces in flood zones where ground-level hardscapes aren’t feasible.

Mbrico Tile Decks Mbrico tiles are a true porcelain tile. This means they do not absorb water. They have a 0.5 percent or less porosity. They don’t expand or contract during frost cycles, nor do they grow mold or mildew, need sealed, or stain. The porcelain tiles are all ADA-approved as skid resistant, which makes them suitable for outdoor use on patios or around pools. Porcelain never fades and does not scratch from furniture or pets.

Tesselle Shamrock White Breeze Blocks adorn the front yard of this contemporary home. They help shape the front entrance and outdoor living space. Outdoors or indoors, breeze blocks, which are often called screen blocks, can be a suitable option for commercial and residential projects. Breeze blocks help separate and define spaces while also providing sun protection amidst openness, ventilation and airflow. Premium breeze blocks are designed to fit architectural styles. QR

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