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Oak Cork Flooring from Wicanders

The votes are in … Qualified Remodeler readers have chosen Wicanders Oak Cork Flooring as the ‘Remodelers’ Choice’ product for May. This product generated the highest amount of requests of any other product featured in the January issue.

Like all aspects of a remodel, flooring is another area that homeowners have to consider and the choices can be overwhelming. One company believes it has a great product to make homeowners happy in their decision. The Wicanders Collection from Amorim Revestimentos, a world leader in cork flooring, is an elegant, practical and distinctive cork floor collection.

In the January issue of Qualified Remodeler, we presented Wicanders’ Cork Oak Flooring. This Cork Oak Floor is designed to balance natural beauty and an environmentally responsible resource. It absorbs acoustic vibration, reduces allergens and prevents thermal transfer, reducing energy costs.

Amorim was started in 1868 and is a vertically integrated company that manufactures cork flooring. Wicanders is one of the brands they sell and has been around for more than 10 years as a brand. Until about six years ago it was sold in the United States under the name of Ipocork.

“What makes Wicanders different from other cork flooring is the finishes that come overtop of it,” explains Ronit McGuthrie, marketing manager for Wicanders. “For instance we sell the Series 100 flooring with a WRT ceramic microbead finish and that makes it different from other residential cork floorings that usually use an acrylic-based varnish on top of theirs. The ceramic makes the actual floor finish much more matte, stronger and more durable than flooring made with acrylic.”

A completely natural product, cork is harvested without damaging or chopping down a single tree, making an environmentally friendly product. Cork is made of millions of cork cells — each cell functioning as a miniature sound and thermal insulator, as well as a miniature pressure and shock absorber.

By regaining its shape time and time again, no matter how much it is walked on or how long furniture stands on it, cork always retains its elasticity. These unique qualities make it ideal for use in flooring, as it reduces sound, is warm to the
touch and comfortable to walk on.

Wicanders cork flooring comes in several colors, styles and either a floating or glue-down version. It is naturally antimicrobial, anti-mildew forming and pest repellent and does so naturally. It also is easier on the body because cork is made up of air-filled cells giving the floor a natural springiness.

McGuthrie does caution at the use of cork flooring in bathrooms and sunrooms though. Although it can be used in these applications, greater care or attention may be needed due to moisture issues in the bathroom and greater sun exposure in the sunroom.

Wicanders has a lot of things in the works right now. Included in its upcoming lineup is a revolutionary cork flooring that should be making an appearance in September, so stay tuned.

For more information on Amorim and Wicanders, visit www.wicanders.com or indicate #152 on e-Inquiry.

Comparative Companies

  • Globus Cork flooring comes in several patterns and colors and ranges in tile sizes. For more info please indicate #153 on e-Inquiry.
  • XCR4 flooring from Expanko is made from a unique blend of recycled cork and rubber, creating a colorful, water-resistant, hard-wearing floor. For more info please indicate #154 on e-Inquiry.

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