Accredited-Company Program for Remodelers

by Kacey Larsen

Getting your company accredited is a worthy endeavor that builds excellence and distinction for your business. To promote the highest standards of remodeling, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) has established the Accredited Remodeling Company (ARC) program to support both remodeling companies and consumers.

  • To the company seeking accreditation: Differentiate yourself by demonstrating solid business practices that improve the success of remodeling projects and client relationships to achieve excellence.
  • For consumers: Accreditation provides assurance that an external organization (NARI) has evaluated the company and found the organization conforms to sound business practices and is committed to improving its services. Having a third-party validation builds consumer trust.

While the NARI Certification Programs provide recognition of individuals, accreditation provides recognition of a company. NARI accredited companies demonstrate sound business and operation practices and must have at least one employee with specialized credentials—MCR, CR, CKBR or a top-tier certification from NAHB (MCGR or CGR) or NKBA (CKBD). This not only shows a commitment to professional skills development, but also improves results in client relationships and projects overall.

By using the NARI ARC logo and being recognized on NARI’s website, an accredited company receives unique marketing benefits and consumer-driven exposure as a superior remodeling company.

Benefits of Accreditation

The investment of time and money provides benefits including:

  • Plan your roadmap for increased profitability.
  • Participate in continuous improvement processes.
  • The goal is better, not necessarily bigger, companies.
  • Take advantage of third-party validation of your company’s programs and services.
  • Follow a higher set of standards for your company’s process, programs and people.

Use the NARI ARC logo and marketing materials to stand out.

Steps to Accreditation: Who’s Eligible?

Companies eligible for the NARI accreditation program typically fall between just under $1 million in revenue to more than $50 million. The NARI ARC program focuses on remodeling companies such as:

  • build-only remodeling company
  • design/build remodeling company
  • general contractor
  • kitchen and bath remodeling company
  • and historic renovation company.

Remodeling companies that meet the following minimum requirements may be eligible to apply for accreditation:

  • Continuous operation as a remodeling business for at least five consecutive years.
  • Continuous operation as a remodeling business for at least three years and demonstrated experience in remodeling by a management team of at least five consecutive years (with review of management team resumes).

Application Process:

Step 1: Company self-assessment.

The NARI accreditation process begins with a thorough self-assessment and documentation of your business practices and operations.

Step 2: Download and request an application.

Download, complete and submit the “Request for Application” to confirm qualification requirements are met. Application fees vary and are due when a company requests an initial application packet for NARI accreditation. 

Step 3: Complete and submit your application.

Once your company is prequalified, NARI will send the official application packet, an application number and instructions for next steps. Complete the application and return to NARI.

Step 4: Reviewing your application.

After receiving your application and payment, NARI’s Accreditation Department will review and update you periodically on the status of the application. They may also contact you with requests for clarification and/or additional information. Your timely response to any follow-up request will keep your application moving forward.

Step 5: The decision process.

When NARI has completed its review of your accreditation application, the Accreditation Board will issue an official notice regarding whether or not your company has received accreditation.

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Disclaimer: The NARI Accreditation Board is the accreditation agency of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and is responsible for the governance and all policy and standards related to NARI accreditations. The program is administered by the NARI staff. The NARI Accreditation Board grants accreditation to companies that successfully meet its standards.

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