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by Kacey Larsen

Mitsubishi Electric

How do your HVAC products help residential remodelers?

Ductless zoning systems are an ideal supplemental system for remodeled spaces and great solutions for an entire home. Homeowners can choose to condition the guest room with a ductless system, or they can choose to cool and heat each room in their home at individualized temperatures. With no required ductwork, the remodeler can offer higher ceilings and reduced installation time. Plus there is little or no disruption to existing structures.

What’s the next advancement in the HVAC market?

Mitsubishi Electric recently introduced the Hyper-Heating Inverter (H2i) MSZ-FH single-zone system and H2i MXZ multi-zone system for residential applications. Patented H2i technology allows these systems to operate at 100 percent heating capacity in extremely cold weather conditions. While it was previously thought that cold climates and heat pump performance couldn’t go hand-in-hand, these systems offer year-round, high-efficiency heating and cooling anywhere in the country – whether it’s for a single room or an entire home.


Noritz America

How do your tankless water heater products help residential remodelers?

The new EZTR40 helps give homeowners all of the benefits of tankless (endless hot water, utility bill savings, longer life span, and space savings), but now remodelers can replace a 40-gal., storage-tank-type water heater with the EZTR in the same amount of time as putting in a new tank. This allows the contractor to do the job and move on to the next project that much faster. With all of the new size changes of tank water heaters coming up next year, the EZTR will give flexibility and assurance that the remodeler will be able to provide hot water for his or her customers in any situation.

 What’s the next advancement in the tankless water heater market? 

The water heater market is still predominantly comprised of the older, tank-type water heaters. As we progress as a nation and become more energy-efficient — as well as aware of new technology that can help save our natural resources — tanks will become a thing of the past.  Tankless manufacturers, especially Noritz, will continue to add components that give homeowners the very best comfort available in water heating at a fair price, while also making the installation process easier for the installers. 


Runtal North America

How do your HVAC products help residential remodelers?

Runtal offers an array of radiator designs for hot water (hydronic), steam and electric heating systems. Runtal radiators are attractive, durable, hygienic, comfortable and energy efficient. We offer the remodeler several designs in hundreds of colors in different outputs, from baseboard to wall panel style, from curved radiators to towel radiators.


trutankless, division of Bollente Companies, Inc.

How do your water heaters help residential remodelers?

 trutankless revolutionizes water heating with smart-home technology, energy efficiency and long-term reliability. The smart whole-home electric tankless heater is designed to provide endless hot water for today's modern home. Changes to the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) will require remodelers to rethink water heating needs in 2015. Energy efficiency requirements will make tank heaters larger, exacerbating space and budget constraints. With its inherent efficiency and small footprint, trutankless offers a tremendous solution.

 What’s the next advancement in the water heater market?

 With next year’s NAECA regulatory changes, a big focus will be on energy efficiency. Running at nearly 100 percent efficiency, trutankless already exceeds the new government standards. Second to efficiency will be advances in home automation. Today’s homeowner wants to control everything on a smartphone and never worry about returning home from vacation to a water heater leak. A self-aware water heater that can proactively notify its owner of a service disruption — and schedule a service call — is the ultimate in low-maintenance living.



How do your HVAC products help residential remodelers?  

Uponor has developed products that are specifically designed for remodeling installations. For example, Quik Trak and Fast Trak are two installation products that allow remodelers to easily install Wirsbo hePEX tubing over an existing floor or concrete slab. To further assist in making installation easier, Uponor recently introduced the Stainless-steel Manifold and a new and improved Uponor PEX Foam Stapler. The Stainless-steel Manifold comes pre-assembled for faster installation, while the PEX Foam Stapler is designed to provide a consistent, low-maintenance process for stapling Wirsbo hePEX tubing to foam insulation, also reducing installation time.

What’s the next advancement in the HVAC market?

Future advancements will provide continuing ease of use and installation. The ongoing product improvements and simplification will allow radiant systems to be more cost-effective and easier for installers. This, in turn, will expand the radiant market opportunity and allow remodelers to provide the comfort and energy efficiency of a radiant system to more and more homeowners.


A. O. Smith

How do your water heaters help residential remodelers?

As the second highest source of energy usage in the average home, finding savings in a reliable, energy-efficient water heater has become a top priority in remodeling projects for the kitchen and bath. A. O. Smith has staked its reputation on developing innovative, industry-leading hot water solutions for every application, from the space aware 120k Condensing Tankless to the Vertex 100 Power Direct Vent with 96 percent thermal efficiency. 

What’s the next advancement in the market?

From small homes to big businesses, demand for lower operating costs continues to drive innovations in water heater efficiency. At A. O. Smith, we are striving to keep our products on the cutting edge. With the desire for more efficiency and savings in mind, A. O. Smith is pushing the envelope on hybrid-electric heat pump water heaters.


Luxaire brand of Johnson Controls

How do your HVAC products help residential remodelers?

Luxaire’s 33-in. furnaces fit in tight spaces, making installation, ductwork and venting adjustments easy. The units’ multiposition design – including  upflow, downflow and horizontal in one model – provides application flexibility. Also multipositional, Luxaire air handlers offer a full line of modular blowers, including a 115-volt model. Luxaire air conditioners and heat pumps are small enough to fit on existing concrete pads and don’t require landscape changes. The Acclimate Communicating Control is easy to install for improved comfort, control and system information.

What’s the next advancement in the HVAC market?

The Wi-Fi-capable Luxaire Acclimate Residential Communicating Control, with fault code diagnostics, comfort features, easily communicated system information and remote access, represents the control of the future. The next advancement in thermostats will feature designs to meet demands for improved energy management, including units that are responsive to changes in the grid, particularly during periods of peak demand. Where furnaces are concerned, look for modulating compressors with inverter drives for higher efficiencies in the next five years.

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