Aim of Light

by Kacey Larsen

Motorized track lighting was first introduced in the theatrical industry. The NSpec division of Nora Lighting improved upon these designs by creating the Revo, a motorized track head that can be adjusted with a hand-held remote.  “Nora was fortunate to work with an inventor to design a unit that was architectural in design, economical, sturdy and meet the general needs of the residential and commercial market,” says Chris Johnson, National Sales Manager of Nora Lighting.

The Revo was created for high-ceiling installations where track lighting is used. Johnson comments that most track lighting installations don’t have a focal point plan, but instead are just aimed to create a general lighting effect. The NSpec division wants to spread the word about the effects of lighting. “More and more customers are learning what lighting professionals have known for years,” Johnson says. “Quality lighting doesn’t have to cost more, but it does have to be placed and aimed properly.”

Arguments can be made that there is a distinction between quality lighting and quality of light, according to Johnson. “Quality of light refers to how we feel living with light,” he says. “It refers to the visual comfort and interest created by light through ambient, accent and task lighting techniques, which all greatly depend on aiming of the fixtures.”

The process of aiming fixtures is simplified with the Revo, because of the remote control. While the remote control is sold separately, one remote can control any number of Revo track heads. Patented technology uses an infrared laser beam, like a pointer, within the remote to identify which track head will be adjusted. A clear lens at the bottom of the track fixture turns green to indicate it is activated. Radio waves then control the fixture, so the remote does not have to be aimed as adjustments are made allowing users to focus on the object to be lit. Four directional arrows on the remote are used to make changes to the focus of the track head’s light.

Designed to be as flexible as possible, the Revo features a universal, medium, E26 lamp socket, allowing it to accommodate LED, CMH, CFL as well as PAR or BR halogen sources. The product hits the market with offerings of “H” or “J” style adaptors, but an “L” style adaptor will soon follow.

Johnson indicated that plans are already in the works for the future of Revo. “I can tell you we are looking immediately into a shroud accessory for the fixture because not all customers will want to see the back of the lamp,” he says. While the fixture is currently available in black or white finishes, an expansion to include the Nora standard track finishes –bronze, silver and natural metal –are being considered. Work has already begun on a smaller, GU10 based unit for lower ceiling applications, Johnson says.

 For more details about Revo, visit or circle xx for more information. 

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