Alliance to Market Solid Surface Line

by WOHe

Alliance to Market Solid Surface Line

Valencia, CA A newly-announced licensing agreement has resulted
in the formation of a cooperative marketing alliance for a line of
molded solid surface plumbing fixtures.

The unique alliance, which will manufacture and market products
under the name of “Solure Solid Shapes,” involves Gruber Systems,
solid surface filler supplier Alcoa, and eight regional suppliers
Tower Industries, of Massillon, OH; Olympic Marble, of Buena Park,
CA; Marble Works, of South Elgin, IL; Denver Marble Concepts, of
Denver; R&D Marble, of Willis, TX; Classic Marble, of Arthur,
IL; Royal Stone, of Phoenix, and Century Cast Products, of Ponoma,

Each member of the alliance has agreed to produce a line of
kitchen sinks, bar sinks, vanity bowls, shower pans, bathtubs and
bath accessories using the same materials in the same shapes and
sizes, in white as well as 31 colors, 

The development, according to industry observers, points the way
to similar alliances among companies that, by themselves, don’t
have the resources to launch an expensive marketing campaign, but
which, together, can create a potent force.

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