Alside Predicts 2023 Siding ‘Color of the Year’

by Emily Blackburn

The majority of U.S. homeowners would lighten up their home’s exterior with trending neutral colors, according to siding experts from Alside, the Cuyahoga, Ohio-based manufacturer of vinyl and composite siding, vinyl windows and patio doors.

Alside commissioned a national survey conducted online by The Harris Poll to predict homeowners’ top siding color choice in 2023, based on insight into consumer preferences and increasingly popular exterior home designs.

According to Alside, the survey – conducted in mid-September among 1,404 U.S. homeowners ages 18 and older – found that homeowners were going to update the color of their home exterior in 2023, the most popular choice identified would be off-white/cream (20 percent) followed by white (14%). This trend was across the board, with male and female homeowners responding similarly for off white/cream and similar feelings across the various regions of the country, Alside said.

The top five exterior choices from the survey include off-white/cream (20 percent), followed by white (14 percent), light gray (12 percent), light brown (11%) and medium blue (9 percent), the company added.

“It’s interesting to compare the national survey data to what we’re seeing in the market,” said Chase Creighton, business director for vinyl & composite cladding. “The farmhouse trend is driving more of the preference of homeowners choosing white and light colors.

“It’s possible, too, that cost may be a driver,” Creighton observed. “As building materials prices have risen, consumers may have gravitated toward lower-cost options, and away from premium colors.”

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