Appliance Leaders Discuss Key Issues For Manufacturers

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Appliance Leaders Discuss Key Issues For

Washington, DC The Association of Home Appliance
Manufacturers, a trade association consisting of key American major
home appliance manufacturers, hosted a meeting for the presidents
of its North American counterparts from Canada and Mexico, the
trade association announced.

The recent meeting conducted against a backdrop of
continued record sales for major home appliances involved
representatives of AHAM as well as the Canadian Appliance
Manufacturers Association (CAMA) and Mexico’s Asociacion Nacional
de Fabricantes Aparatos Domesticos (ANFAD).

According to the Washington, DC-based AHAM, the
groups’ leaders discussed “priority issues” for the home appliance
industry in their respective countries “in hopes of working more
closely on behalf of their common members.”

CAMA, which represents both portable and major
appliance companies, is heavily involved with environmental issues,
including product packaging disposal and end-of-life recycling
issues. Many appliance industry observers consider Canada to be a
bellwether for the U.S. in terms of issues that could eventually
affect American manufacturers, AHAM noted.

ANFAD, which represents the interests of Mexican
manufacturers, is closely involved in NOM standards, official
government safety and efficiency standards, and the NMX voluntary
performance standards. ANFAD focuses on negotiating free trade
agreements, including one with Japan, which should be completed by

In addition to several regulatory items, energy
standards, test procedures and a manufacturer tax credit for
super-efficient appliances will dominate AHAM’s agenda for the
coming year, the association said.

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