April Remodelers’ Choice

by Kacey Larsen

The following product received the most pageviews in the past month at QualifiedRemodeler.com:

Cultured Stone

As a deliberate and purposeful response to current labor pressures, Cultured Stone launches a panelized version of its Drystack Ledgestone profile in three different color options. While aiming to make installation easier and faster, the panelized version still provides the same textural variations found in the nonpanelized profile—notably its capturing of light and shadow in stones that have been tight-fit for drystack installation.

Choose between Rubicon (bottom), Melrose (middle) and High Plains (top) color options. Rubicon, the darkest palette, presents a contemporary blend of deep grays and carbon-inspired tones. Melrose incorporates an assortment of light-gray hues for a more neutral palette. And High Plains accentuates the profile’s rustic textures with an earthy grouse color featuring tan undertones. These colors provide options that integrate with any design style, from traditional to contemporary.

For more information, visit culturedstone.com.



The following product received the most reader inquiries from the January issue of Qualified Remodeler:

Environmental StoneWorks

The Barn Wood profile by Environmental StoneWorks infuses new life into an old story. The wood-carved profiles are molded from antebellum tobacco barns in Virginia and combine a rustic feel with a contemporary charm. Three Barn Wood colors are available—Beaver Dam, Seven Pines (bottom) and Baton Rouge (top)—and named for historic Civil War battles. The stone veneer comes in four lengths: 6, 12, 24 and 36 in.

Other recent introductions from Environmental Stoneworks include Ripiano and Grezzo. By incorporating smaller, thinner pieces into modular panels, Ripiano delivers a fresh take on ledgestone. Three colors and a wide range of panel sizes provide the opportunity to develop unique patterns with Grezzo, a universal stone. These product introductions—building upon the company’s existing contemporary lines—are intended to align with contemporary and modern design trends. 

For more information, visit estoneworks.com.

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