Architects being architects, not managers

by WOHe

a consulting firm for engineering and architecture firms, distributed a
press release exposing the philosophy of Agatha Kessler, CEO of Fentress
. Kessler believes
that architects shouldn’t run their own firms, but yet be allowed to
simply be architects.

“In the architecture business people are so nice. Because they’re so
nice they’re afraid to make decisions,” Kessler said in the release.

Do you agree with Kessler?

It should be noted that Fentress Architects is not involved in
residential architecture. The company is an international architecture
firm specializing in public architecture: airports, museums, convention
centers, etc.

Kessler was hired to do the firm’s management, while Curtis Fentress,
founder, could focus all his attention on design.

“She has led many improvements in streamlining processes and increasing
operational efficiency at Fentress Architects. She has also enhanced
our brand and our ability to consistently deliver on the firm’s
promise,” said Fentress in the release.

regular architect columnist, Luis Jauregui wrote about architects leading
in the latest issue. If
you lead projects, do you have time to manage the firm? Do you agree
with Kessler and Fentress?

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