ASID, IIDA Merger Talks End

by WOHe

ASID, IIDA Merger Talks End

Washington, DC Exploratory discussions regarding a possible
merger between the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)
and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) have
ended, with leaders of both associations concluding that a merger
would not be “in the best interests of our respective members.”

The associations, which ended the merger talks in mid-July, had
been engaged since February in discussions aimed at exploring
whether the two organizations should combine to form a single
association “representing the entire design profession.”

“Members who expressed their views about a merger strongly
supported the concept of establishing a single association,” said
ASID president Barbara Nugent. “Although the leaders of both
associations also hoped to realize that goal, we were unable to
reach agreement on several critical structural and cultural
issues,” Nugent added.

Nugent said that while both sides were “disappointed” by the
outcome of the talks, the associations “have agreed to continue to
communicate and cooperate on issues affecting our members and the
profession as a whole.” 


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