Asking Right Questions Seen as Plus

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Asking Right Questions  Seen as Plus

The ability to handle stress and the desire to
strive for personal excellence are two of the qualities kitchen and
bath dealers should seek in prospective employees.

And, in both cases, there are specific questions
that can be asked during interviews to help employers determine
whether job prospects possess those qualities.

That’s the view of Hank Darlington and Steve
Vlachos, CKD, who led Kitchen & Bath Design News’ “Managing for
Profit” seminars, a series of one-day programs that were presented
in key markets from 1999 through 2002.

According to Vlachos and Darlington, deadline
pressures, large quantities of work, difficult customers,
multi-tasking and a wide variety of other factors can lead to
stress for employees at kitchen/bath dealerships.

The two educators suggest asking the following
questions during an interview to determine how a job prospect
handles stress:
1. Under what conditions do you work best? Provide some
2. What kind of stress did you experience in your last job?
3. How did you handle it?
4. What are the highest-pressure situations you’ve been in at
5. How did you handle them?

When it comes to determining a sense of personal
excellence and initiative, Darlington and Vlachos point out that
people with an inner drive for excellence “always work for their
personal fulfillment.”

These employees, they note, typically take action
on a customer’s behalf without having to be asked; question the way
a process is conducted and make suggestions to the company for
improvement; and perform tasks that are outside the parameters of
their job in order to benefit the company or customers.

They also insist that their work, and the work of
their subordinates, is accurate, timely, professional and done with
pride and are willing to work extra hours to accomplish the task at

The following questions can be asked on an
interview in order to ascertain these qualities:
1. How did you obtain your last job?
2. What have you done in the past to make your job(s) easier or
more rewarding?
3. Tell me something you did on your own to help out your former
company or one of its customers.
4. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate yourself in terms
of your desire to attain perfection?
5. In general, would you rather change a system that’s in place, or
work within it?
7. Have you been involved in any work-related activities beside
your specific job, and why?

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